Cricket Part III


that would involve other people…


If this game was in Melbourne Stoinis would be getting bronx cheers right now




Langer is not good for australian cricket as a coach.


Dhawan and rohit sharma will go NAR NARS on this pitch


I don’t know why the Test coach is the ODI coach in the first place


And how about Kohli?


I’m not sure why the test coach is the test coach


Why is there massive empty spots in the crowd on a 45 to the pitch?


ok maxwell, we want 50 from 2.4 overs


radio said cricket australia cordoned it off due to safety concerns or something.


so here we are, maxwell forced to make an impression off 16 balls.


I like Stoinis, but I’d drop him for this batting performance; He’d want to score a few runs in the last few overs or bowl incredibly well


Stoinis to face 13 of them


This is actually painful.


what a waste


Maxwell told to focus on white ball cricket and then batted at 7? Lol. It does seem bizarre.


“We want Maxwell to focus on White Ball Cricket,…”

How’d you enjoy those 6 deliveries today there Glenn?? Did you get to “focus” ?


6 balls? If he faces 3 of the last 2


Yeah, I took a punt, …