Cricket Part III


with great variation too.


Maxi, I promise I’ll do my very best…

Security, if glen maxwell comes in 10 metres of this door shoot him.

Ok mr langer


Really need to find a couple of death bowlers. Good that they are trying Stoinis in these games as a death bowler but he does struggle (despite just getting Sharma)


That should do it.

Solid catch Maxy


Bowl too many slower balls, nowhere near enough Yorkers


Stoinis bowls some absolute tripe but hasn’t been helped by Khawaja fielding like a 10 year old


In ODIs and T20 you cant have poor fieldsman, it costs you too much


I hear ya, just think Richardson over Starc would make our attack so much more potent


Usman Tufnell


at least maxwell didn’t drop his catch, pity he didn’t get a 50 to ensure the safety of his spot in the side.


Yeah Starc has been poor in tests for awhile. Maybe try Richardson against the Lankans


1/3 ain’t bad Usman


Please stop


We got this now


just feel like stoinis could’ve been hit for 90+ don’t think hes done anything special while bowling just slow ball get slogged.


Sorry, just conditioning myself for marsh’s eventual return.


I like Stoinis. I reckon there’s a pretty decent player in there if we bothered to develop him. I’d like him to be given the chances M Marsh has. He has some real X factor about him. But I guess they are exactly the sort of players that out selectors are frightened of.


Yep, stoinis has a good future


Definitely would rather persist with him than Marsh. I still rate Stoinis more of a batting alrounder but he has enough tools to be a decent bowler. I think he tries a bit too much at times and needs to just work on a couple of stock balls


Beggars belief we bat Maxwell at 7, we have a real weakness in those middle overs in keeping pace and continually find ourselves relying on a huge last 10 overs. We seem to balance attacking players to open and then stack the middle with rescue type players. Seems unbalanced to me. Maxwell is our most dynamic player, give him 20 overs and he can win you a game…but give him 5 balls and well…I never saw India bat Yuvraj Singh at 7…I’d bat Maxwell from 3-5 at worst.

Thought Handscomb batted excellently, credit where it’s due. I still think he has a good future in the shorter form. Richardson and Behrendoff bowled superbly, not used to seeing economical, tight bowling that doesn’t cost us cheap runs cough Starc.

Also Dhoni needs to hang up the pads. His batting is far too slow for the modern era. Whilst he defended well early he subjected them to a slower, more painful death leaving far too much to the others. Surely Pant is a better option than him?