Cricket Part III


Love tuffers.
Named a cat after him once.


The TriSeries was a gift for the Aussies. The two overseas teams had to back up in double headers while Australia rested. It was never an even game.


So it sounds like Smith with his elbow problem might be doubtful to actually be fit to play when his suspension ends. Surgery on Tuesday, then will be in a brace for 6 weeks before commencing rehabilitation




Not really. Australia would play the Friday and Sunday and the other two would play against each other on the Tuesday


Just had a look at the 1990 schedule at random.
Pakistan played eight ODI’s in 15 days in five cities.

Don’t talk to me about your busy schedules.




Sat, sun, Tues, Thurs was the “rhythm” of the trip series as I remember it. And anything less than that and I lose interest!


Sounds like a classic Essington piece of management.


288 was a average score and if the idiot umpire had have done his job properly then we may well have lost. Dhoni decision was horrible




If you were picking the Aussie T20 team purely based on form and performance and disregarded age, Shane Watson would be in IMO. Absolutely smashing them today.


I’d prefer Sangha


Unless I’m missing something, he’s had one good game, then diddly.

Made 14 from his last 5 knocks.


Doing the Kayo free trial and it gives you the option to watch the game from start if you start watching late. Done this two times and both times it showed a frozen screenshot of the current action including the score at the bottom before playing from start. Does this happen to anyone else? Makes the option useless.


Yeah I have learned to load it but look away for a bit


Sangha has been just as bad but I would still prefer him over Watson


At least he’d be handy if you forgot your lunch.


Maybe you’re short on bandwidth ?


Please tell me Sangha’s nickname isn’t “Club”.