Cricket Part III


Starc to break down on day 4?


Patto. Bring him in!


speaks truth


What? Ahead of NCN, or Big Billy Stanlake, or good old vegan Sids trundling in at 125kmh.


Handscomb is not crap and Marsh is, not much wrong with that decision in my book.


I agree. Handscomb’s technique was been questioned, but he was going along fine until one drop in form and then he was gone. Mitch Marsh however…

“Mitch Marsh hasn’t been as consistent as we would have liked,” Paine said at a press conference on Wednesday afternoon.

Wrong. Mitch Marsh has been very consistent for mine.


We play about 12-14 Tests a year, at least 10% of them go one way or the other by < 50 runs. And by and large Marsh and co fire when we’re going well, not when we need them.
I reckon that’s isn’t unfair.


the problem for Pete was that he’d completely lost any idea of what he was trying to do at the crease. He was second guessing himself and looked all at see with his technique. He had to be dropped.


That is laughable mate. Utterly absurd.


2 tons and 4 50s in 24 innings, avg 43
2 tons and 3 50s in 51 innings, avg 26

One of these things is not like the other one.


He was right to be dropped in 2016 but IMO should’ve been brought back much earlier than he was.


Avg 39 when we win, 19/17 when we lose/draw


Yes but in all those games there’d be other things like dropped catches, other batsmen failing, collapses etc. Not to mention that our W/L record is heavily home/away linked so most if not all our batsmen would have a similar discrepancy in their records. It’s a totally ridiculous statement.


I like Pete but no he shouldn’t have. His form has been average at 1st class level since being dropped and even this year he’s been far from banging the door down.


Particularly when the competition is Mitch Marsh.


I honestly can’t wait for this series to start. I legit think it will be a ripper.

1 team with the stronger batting line up, the other team with the stronger bowling line up


He’s been poor since he’s been worked out.


Any shield watchers understand Harris and his form?

Was it less matches batting at the WACA?

Hope he goes well against the Indians.


No he hasn’t.

In his last 10 he has scored 1 x 100, 5 x 50 (2 80’s 1 60 and 2 50’s) and 2 x late 40’s (48 and 49)


He got worked out hard by Anderson.