Cricket Part III


Who is then.
HAP wouldn’t tell me. so if you or anyone know give me the word.


3 Vics in the test team? It must be April Fools Day.


I think I heard Mitch is out


M Marsh hasn’t been consistent?

Hogwash statement. He has been consistent, it’s big scores that is the inconsistency.


Anyone who doesn’t think Marsh won’t be in the 2nd test is kidding themselves


Was thinking i could sit at my desk tomorrow and watch a sneaky bit of cricket through 7plus but apparently 7 don’t have streaming rights so it won’t be there

Who pays that much for broadcasting rights without streaming? Seriously


Get the Freeview app? Will that work?

:thinking: Maybe they’ll block it there too …


How’d you get the secret hotline number of the Selectors’ room ?


Don’t knock Sids. He may not be the most exciting bowler around — in fact he’s a classic medium-fast trundler — but he does his job: he bowls tightly and takes wickets.


Yeah I don’t get the dislike of Sids. He works hard and takes a few wickets and doesn’t leak a lot of runs. He isn’t a strike bowler but he is pretty decent backup bowler. Mitch Marsh could do well to be half the bowler Sids is.


Would it be worth taking a punt and giving the all rounder spot to Stoinis and see what happened?


Couldn’t be worse than what we have had so far.


That’s how I see it. And there’s a lot of talent in the bloke.


Yes there is and he is the type of guy that seems to rise to the moment when giving more opportunities.


Don’t India have a decent attack now?


Don’t think there is much point playing a medium pace allrounder in Adelaide especially. Head will end up bowling a few of his offies to give the quicks a spell


Sids is probably a better all rounder than Marsh anyway. Sids is pretty decent with the bat


I wasn’t thinking of Adelaide in particular, it was more just a general musing.


And heart


Yeah, definitely an option on some of the Aussie decks.