Cricket Part III


Australia bowling very well at the moment. Keeping the pressure on and not giving any freebies for India to get boundaries

If they keep this up they will get another wicket in no time


Gotta have a short leg, surely?


not just the short ball either, for the inside edge onto pad/thigh and ballooning up.


And to have them trying to push the shorter leg-ish ball to the off side, bringing the slips into it more.

Have to take advantage of the situation.


Is DRS in place for the series? I know the Indians haven’t liked it in the past.


Yeah you suspect there’s not going to be this much movement in an hour. Another one would be golden here.




X 2


2 down you beauty…enter Kohli


Excellent start by the Aussies


Yes. Indian’s have been using it for a couple of years now since the latest upgrade.


World’s best batsmen out there now, should be interesting.


If kohli falls cheaply they might not even get to 200


Nice start this.


the old two card trick. shorten him up then the full one drawing a tentative half forward prod. Excellent bowling.


Let’s not start sucking each others dicks quite yet.

They’re still a very, very good batting side.


Hit him the ■■■■■■■ head!!!




Pujara’s footwork is non existant only a matter of time before hes gone.

Kohli on the other hand looks very comfortable early.


It annoys me that tim Lane is actually a good commentator (when he keeps his stupid opinions to himself)