Cricket Part III


At the notoriously batting friendly Adelaide Oval… tell him if it’s such a road then I expect him to ton up in both innings. Especially given he’s being hidden at 6… :wink:


Im going down there with his old man today and he has been joking with him all week about being a weak carnt and hiding at 6 :rofl:


Least experienced middle order bat… should be at 6.
Nothing wrong with that.


One thing I always miss at the start of every test is Tony Grieg doing the pitch report and sticking the key in the pitch


“Turning now to the Weatherwall, you can see that the wind is moving through the north-east at about 15 knots and out of my orss at about 20!..”


but in point of fact it’s completely bloodly useless information that wont make a rates ■■■■ of difference to the outcome of this match. no back to Richie in the central missionary position.


Head batting at 6 where we usually play our all rounder make sense. It’s his home turf, traditionally a spinning pitch and I’m sure will bowl more overs than what Marsh usually does. A good line up from who is available.


If Head bowls more than ten overs in this test we’re bang in trouble…


Indian’s won the toss and having a bat. ■■■■ it.


Ohhhh that was a nice nut.


The worry for me is Trav isn’t great against spin and Ashwin’s record against lefties is second to none.


Gotta love the start of the first test - summer awaits


Not in Aus it isn’t. Ashwin pus away from home. I’m equally concerned about Head against pace though… he’s pretty lose outside his off stump, likes to play away from his body which ain’t ideal for a lefty.


Depends how the pitch plays, if it’s as hot as expected over there and the pitch really dries up then Ashwin could really come into play.

This first innings total is massive for India…and as I type that aussies have their first wicket


Got ‘im, he’s gone, ■■■■ off, you’re out!


It’s not just the conditions but the way he bowls. Indian spinners don’t get the bounce and zip off the wicket here. They bowl with more side spin at home and rely on the crumbling surfaces to turn square or shoot low etc. In Aus you’ve got put more over spin on the ball and get it lead off the surface. It’s why Lyon has such a great record in Aus (comparatively), he bowls with more loop and over spin.


I think even OS his record against lefties is far better than his record against right handers.
I’ve seen Trav get out to some absolute garbage spinners in district cricket.


It begins. India is crap outside of India.


A long way to go.
And the third innings, just my feel, is traditionally the most important at Adelaide.


His record in SA and Aus (the two least confortable conditions for him - followed by England) is deplorable, he can be twice as good for all I care, it’s still only going to be average.