Cricket Part III


Nice start by the Australians. I know the choice is typically to bat first, but there is something about bowling the first session that gives you a chance to bowl well and get wickets. Need to press the advantage and clean them up for a low score.


Nup, not him.

Probably should’ve specified I’m watching the 7 telecast





What did that pop-up off the last ball of Lyon’s over come off? Went ■■■■■■ high for all pad.


Must’ve been right off the pad flap, my 1st instinct was back of the bat.


Meme makes it real.


Get Sharma on strike the fat ■■■■. ■■■■■■■ clueless against a red ball!


Some really poor shots by the Indians so far. Starc’s wicket was a great ball, would have got a lot out


We’ve been very very disciplined at denying drives. Then they’ve leapt at not-quite-drivable balls.

Saker’s a gun.


I’ll tell you who we’re missing right now.
Mitch Marsh.


Time and again they come here and don’t adapt to the conditions straight away. The pace and bounce of the wickets sits them back in their stance and they don’t commit to the front foot. We’ve done very well to pitch it up to them and drag the false shots out of batsmen who’re used to being able to drive on the up away from their bodies.


Bowled an exceptional length.


I reckon the touring team almost always “lose” the first hour/session.
If they’re any good they bounce back.


Was that Finch warming up???


Saffers probably don’t. They’re the only side in the world that’s been able to come here and win consistently in the last 20 years.


Rohit hates the short stuff and our section of the crowd are letting him know about it


I keep thinking this is a day night test and presuming we will be sending ourselves in for the night session again.


Different broadcaster, same “pls watch our other shows pls” begging


Geez the lunch break is shocking.

Bollywood and other terrible cultural pieces.