Cricket Part III


Foxtel broadcast is outstanding.


Mark Howard with the epic manspread.


This Indian team is a fraud.


Bill in his heyday would have had his head explode at that catch and loungerooms all over the country would have gone with him.


Great to see Mel McLachlan filling our tv screens again


Assume she isn’t blushing?


Micheal Slater would have a hard time making anyone blush


I dunno, he’s a massive ■■■■


Rohit countering quite well with Pujara being a wall complimenting him.


Smoke my pole Kohli.


Harris catches Sharma off the GOAT!


WTF was he thinking there? He only just clears the rope on the previous ball (literally cm’s from being caught), and he goes for exactly the same shot on the next ball, despite flight and spin in Lyon’s favour and your team attempting to steady the ship? I get some players liking to get on top of the bowling and dictate terms, but that was garbage.

Dumb, dumb cricket


Sharma. Fat slogger.


We get Pujara and we are a real chance of batting most of a session today.

Edit: which is concerning.


Living dangerously.


Great first day thus far. What the fck is happening?? :thinking:

I would not have been surprised to see us with this scorecard.

Very bluddy pleasing to see the boot on the other foot.


We bowled well early. India are batting horrifically. Diabolically bad.


How good are these three commentators?


ishant sharma?

cue mark taylor saying how he’s “an unlucky bowler, bowls well but doesn’t get many wickets in australia”


Rohit Sharma. The fat slogger who should ■■■■ off back to limited overs cricket.