Cricket Part III


Pat Cummins must have found some photos. He’s finally got a chance with the new ball. Long overdue.


That’s what makes it so amazing that you’re losing! :smiley:


Great game last night


Vics all out 454. Seb Gotch last man out for 93.


A passable recovery from 2/7

The other 2 games were very low scoring, this has gone the other way.


We should have won. Losing wickets in bunches was very costly.




Pucovski not out 59
Maddinson not out 29


Holy ■■■■ Pucovski looks like rolled gold.

I look forward to that kid taking inordinate amounts of ■■■■ out of international attacks for many years.


a duck in the first innings so good to have him put up a nice knock


He looks phenom.


How is it that Nic Maddinson looked like an under 12 playing against the seniors in the BBL, and yet looks a million bucks only a few weeks later.
He seriously looked at the time like getting out every ball.


Paralyzed by fear and indecision.

Pucovski looks even better in this innings.


just logged in to have a look and see him hit a beautiful late cut


Not sure who Jarrod Freeman (Tasmanian bowler) is, but I’m not sure he’ll be getting another game for a while… Talk about having a deadset stinker. Went at 6-an-over in the first dig, now going for 5-an-over in the second…

Edit: and having said that, he promptly gets a wicket…


Just waiting for Pucovski to ton up then they’ll declare I’d imagine.


on 96


and Pucovski gets his 100


Didn’t get to see much of Pucovski’s innings because I was at work, but did see a clip of a beautiful on-drive he played.

I had to watch it 9 or 10 times to convince myself it wasn’t Ponting.


That was just a taste. He was flawless.