Cricket Part III


That shot that got him to his 100 was a tad loose


forgive him that, trying to get quick runs and to the 100 to enable a declaration.


Watched the full highlights of his innings.

He is class. Some of the gaps he picked, between two blokes 5m apart, just taking the absolute ■■■■.


Top order selections for the Ashes is going to be interesting with Smith and Warner to come back into the equation.


Tasmania 0-112 at lunch vs Vics

looks to be heading for a draw



Silk 41 Doolan 88 Wade 1
Wakim and McDermott batting


Call the ■■■■■■■ game off! McDermott’s on 1 from 48 balls. That’s just taking the ■■■■…


Ended up 5 off 98 when stumps were called.


His 5 included a 4, so 2 scoring shots from a 97 balls. Can anyone confirm if the 4 was a nick through slips?


Really ? We could do with him in the Test Team !


Tassie’s got a shallow squad.
Bird gun (at shield level), Bell and Meredith OK but lack consistency, they’ve tried about 4 other guys in the other slot and they’ve all struggled.


Aussies 0/81 in the 15th over. Finch is on 37, which means he has probably tripled his runs scored for Australia since our summer started :rofl:


Jadhav bowls almost completely sidearm, how is that allowed?


Having gone for 32 off 2 overs I’m thinking there may be many Indians and questioning why he is playing.


In what way does that contravene the rules? And why should it?


What is the story with the Camo hats?
Presume they are ■■■■ stirring the Pakis.


192/0 after 32 overs, should really score 350+ from here and 400 not out of the question.


Finch out 93


That’s your fault


they actually have Maxwell coming in first drop