Cricket Part III


■■■■■■ ey!

Use ya bat ■■■■!

I’ve just had a look at the replay, definitely hitting. Looks worse at full speed.


Also, batting 2nd in a final.

People do silly things under the pressure.


Patterson out caught down leg side. He isn’t happy with the decision.


Worth pointing out NSW’s all-rounders start at 4, with Henriques then Sangha and Edwards

Only Henriques is really proven in SS.


3/38 at lunch.


One of those ones where he looked like he hit it, but it didn’t sound like it.
Be interested to get a snicko and hotspot on it.


Yep, very weak line up and I’d be shocked if they made 150




Is that the evener upperer then?


You might call it that. I prefer to call it terrible ■■■■■■■ umpiring. Our domestic umpires are deplorable.


I assume we don’t use tech because it costs a crap load?


Never mind the tech, these blokes are ■■■■■■■ useless.


I have been able to watch this game fully so far. That innings from Harris, based on how much the others are struggling, was actually quite brilliant. He never looked in but he did keep going, no one else has come close.


Unless the ball was travelling so slowly it was on its way down when it hit the pad, that looks a terrible decision for mine.


He’s standing behind the crease and his back leg is slightly collapsed.

Also, use the ■■■■■■■ bat ■■■■.


Using the bat is irrelevant to the height.
It’s clipping the top of the pad on a very nearly straight leg with his toe pointed down and in the air.
Appalling decision.
The only way that’s out is hit wicket.


Moises dropped.


Sangha gone. 4/88.


Dead plumb. Pattinson is bowling magnificently. Just hope his body can hold together, in England he could be a real weapon…


Patto making it happen.