Cricket Part III


No doubting of his talent and no doubting he will be int he side, but a few of the players don’t particularly like him so I think that will be intriguing. The current team has built a strong playing relationship and are quite tight, so him being back might impact that.


They will face the toughest introduction back into International cricket you could imagine. A World Cup and an Ashes series in England. The vitriol from the crowds will be unlike anything seen in terms of the songs and taunts the Poms will come up with. They better have thick skin or a decent set of earplugs to take no notice of it. Warner will be Warner. Can’t remember who said it but he’s used to being the “Bad Boy”, whereas Smith has always been a cleanskin and now he is seen as being a cheat or allowed cheating to happen whilst under his watch. I think he will return to his best form eventually, but it wouldn’t surprise if he finds it difficult to cope with the stick he will invariably cop.


Yeah they’re gonna have to get over that because right now we don’t have the luxury of him not being in the side if available.


He isn’t Victorian so it should be good for him to play.


I reckon it’s his NSW team mates that think the least of him to be honest. Article in the age rehashing yet again. Bowlers threatened to walk out if he wasn’t suspended apparently.


Vic’s lose 2 early ones and 300 looking like a bit of a battle now. 8/285, Pattinson and Scotty Bolo at the crease.


Bolo LBW not offering.


All out 289. Pretty pisspoor effort that…


That’ll be a competitive 1st innings total with the Duke. 350 would’ve been nice but it’s enough to work with.


And Siddle gets the first wicket and looks dangerous.


Larkin out now LBW shouldering arms to Pattinson.

not sure about that one, but we will take it

2/8 NSW


Not really. There’s no other batsmen fit and available. (Maddinson injured, Handscomb/Maxie/Finch busy elsewhere)

It’s either Pattinson, Vines (3 games) or the 2nd string keeper Sam Harper who’s pretty average with the bat.

With all else equal, yeah.
Rather 6 bats.


Who should they have picked?


Yep, looks like the bowling may well save the day again. It’s been a recurring theme this year…


to me - replay suggested it would have hit off


Evener upperer, apparently Gotch went out yesterday to a clear no ball.

They don’t refer to 3rd umpire for over stepping in this game for some reason, even though it is being televised


I have no idea what CC and Icey are on about.
He padded up, just about standing on off stump


I have no issue with it being out, just think it is a tad lucky because often the umps don’t give those.


I give them out on principle.


Players padding up to a swinging ball deserve tall they get.

Conversely it shows how much Aussie batsmen struggle with a swinging ball.