Cricket Part IV


england are even fielding well. we’re proper screwed.


Could these ■■■■■■ play any better.

They’re even fielding like champs.

The final will be a letdown on both sides.


Whoops, did I just step into a match day thread … go poms!!


Kept wicket at an elite level.


Carey gone the old Rick McCosker with the bandage right around the face. Not sure if that’s just because of the bleeding or if there’s more serious damage.


Dressing not holding.


Average with the gloves at best


He has great taste in footy teams.


I don’t think his keeping is that high of a standard to substitute for someone who is capable of making a century, let alone a 50.


This is Smith’s moment, come on son an inspirational :100:


Does he actually support Essendon? I thought it was another team despite the Shaw connection.


if it ■■■■■■ down with rain for two days straight, do we go through?




Yep, higher placed team.


So the wife’s just walked out of the room as I colourfully describe the English team as a bunch of ■■■■■ and now the recently entered 4 year old cries out ‘Go Bombers’,

I say - same scenario - different teams.


that straight drive! ppwwwhhhhoooarrrrr


Plunkett and Rashid is where we can get them.

I’d normally put Woakes into that bracket, but, well…


Ponting on Paine.

“I don’t think there’s ever been any doubt about his wicketkeeping ability which is the reason why he had never been dropped from the Australian team,” Ponting told

"I’ve said for a long time, that he’s clearly the best keeper in the country and over the years we’ve seen glimpses of how good a batsman he actually is.


Yeah, … chin strap thing fking it up you’d think.


Just sticking up for his Taswegian mate.
How can Ponting even defend Paines woeful SS record with the bat