Cricket - The Ashes Tour, 2019

Well that’s a disappointing score to wake up to. What happened, did they get to bat on a different wicket to us?

Surely no one is surprised that we don’t happen to have the best ODI side in the world?

Our “all-rounders” are not up to standard in either discipline. We were at least one front line bowler short all tournament. And that was at least in part due to a very frail batting line-up. And even with what we had, Cummins never quite ‘clicked’ and Starc is either unplayable or garbage. He’s not bankable enough. Richardson would have been very interesting if available.

It’s only a few months ago that this side couldn’t win a ODI. We won 3 out of 16 or something along those lines? We’ve improved a lot, and did better than I expected tbh.

For the longer term, imo the best thing that has happened during the time of this tournament is actually that Pucovski is making good runs in English conditions. We desperately need a couple of young, genuine 1st class batsmen to emerge.


Oh, and come on NZ.

Win this thing. The bowling attack is very very good in English conditions, with an excellent mix. And Williamson is the best batsman technically in the world imo, a joy to watch.

Fark England.


Our lack of ODI player talent along with outdated game style, always meant we were going to pull up short at the pointy end. No matter our results, our approach to batting was out of 1995 and had minimal bowling depth after our top two.

Handscomb’s dismissal showed his flaws that got him dropped from the first place are still there. Stonis is like Mason Cox - living off the heroics of one game (the hundred he made against NZ) and just is not up to it

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This, we lack a lot of good young talent and the talent we do have is simply not up to the standard we require. Players like Maxwell, Stoinis, etc are ok but they will never be the consistent players that we have traditionally had in the middle order.

Anyone but England


He may have kept at an elite level but he’s far not a great keeper. Not even the best in Tasmania. I’d like to see how Carey goes playing tests.

The beauty of ODI’s is the WC is all that matters and we have 4 years to assemble a side that will get the job done in India.
Langer needs to concentrate on tests only and have nothing to do with ODI’s and we need to make the hard calls on players who won’t be around next WC and start playing the kids now. If we don’t think Finch, Lyon, Warner etc will be there in 2023 then we move them on now and play Head, Pucovski etc this summer in Australia.


I reckon Smith, Carey and Cummins are the only guys from last night’s team you could say with confidence will be there in 4 years


Try living here. Suddenly everyone’s an expert and there are mobs hunting down Australian expats like lynching parties.


What a disastrous semi final

Certain players and selectors should hang their heads in shame

Middle order batting never got its act together all tournament and bowlers found out to be impotent when conditions aren’t doing much

Setting aside the final on Sunday for a moment, our next movements will the coming together of both squads for the Aus v Aus A tour match on the 23rd in Southampton. Then it’s back to Edgbaston to prepare for the 1st test starting on Aug 1st.

Stoinis is a melter. He has the look of someone very unsure of themselves. An Handscomb technique will never consistently work.

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Time for Carey to take over the test mantle. Really appreciate what you’ve done Painey, but you had a job which you’ve done. Let’s not hang on too long an deprive ourselves of the potential to bat to 7. I reckon Gilly was held back too long in lieu of Healy and Healy could at least get a score.

Anyone in recent times debuted as test captain? (Outside of first ever test for a country etc).

No and it’ll never happen again.

Haven’t really thought about whether the time to transition to Carey is now or not. But Paine is averaging more than Healy did with the bat, and Gilchrist was (when selected) a better player than Carey is. Not sure any of that remotely matters though.

But with Smith and Warner being reintroduced to the Test side, I don’t think there’s any way it’ll be under anyone but Paine. Not with the Ashes tour just weeks away. Australian summer would be the absolute earliest we’ll see Tim finish up, imo. And maybe not even then, because who is the captain other than him? Smith should be, but it may be too early to sell that. And he needs to focus and get runs first anyway.


He’d still be banned from captaincy anyway. Wouldn’t be eligible until ~April next year.

make that very pleased

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Play Carey as a batsman. He is streets ahead of either of the Marsh boys.

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