Cricket - The Ashes Tour, 2019

Stonis is park grade junk


Yep, quite possibly one of the worst selections possible and the fact Langer has continued to pick him almost makes his job untenable



And he didn’t touch it. Even better.

Well that’s a ■■■■ umpiring decision.

8 to go

Get into that soft English underbelly

He can blame Bairstow for wasting the review on a plum LBW

I hope he gets a ban for dissent. Go Kiwis!!


Why did Bairstow use up a review ?
That was plum.

Cost Roy a 100

There’s that white South African victim mentality from Roy boy, delicious.

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You just have to bowl your front line bowlers. Bowl to take 10 wickets

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With the final being at Lords, I can see the Kiwi openers running through their top order.

Go Kiwis

Reminds me of the white Australian victim mentality.

What was worse this match?

a. Australian mens cricket team.
b. Australian commentators.

Starc has been woeful. Just far too expensive from lack of control. Going for 8 runs per over when defending a low score is inexcusable.

Well, that sucked. C’mon the sheep shaggers

Not fun

Few players into the cannon, for a couple of others just a bad day in the office

That is ODI cricket

Come on kiwis

So will any of the players who are playing in the test series go home for a bit or will they stay there?

Handscomb and Stoinis must surely be gone. Stoinis makes me wish I wasnt so hateful towards Shane Watson. This guy is a complete spud.


They were clearly a more talented team, we executed poorly from the get go and that began at the selection table.

Haha, the amount of tripe the Poms are spewing right now about the Aussies… Lets go Kiwis!

I spend half the year in NZ and i can tell you they are loving Australia’s demise. Their reaction to sandpaper gate was the same as other clubs over our saga. NZ vs England is like a Collingwood vs Hawthorn Grand Final. I don’t want either to win.

More like Carlton v Saints.
blues repulsive
saints irrelevant

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