Cricket - The Ashes Tour, 2019

Do fans get their money back on the tickets?

Traditionally if a match is abandoned without any play spectators will get a refund, however this is an ICC a tournament and will have its own ticketing rules so not 100% certain in this case.

I don’t understand why there can’t be reserve days for every match. It’s not liking any teams are backing up the next day or even 2 days later

They do back up 2 days later in some instances for limited overs cricket and obviously test cricket goes for 5 days which under most circumstances should be more than enough time to get a result.

I’m just meaning for this tournament

Well yeah I do tend to agree for ICC sanctioned tournaments. But rain happens everywhere, no point spewing about it. SCG is the wettest test venue in the world, believe it or not, losing more days to rain than any other test venue in the world.

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All other world cups have had reserve days

The difference here being that this is the first tournament whereby the teams aren’t shuffled into groups for qualification, just a round robin between all teams followed by knockout stage. There’s 45 round robin games, having a reserve day for all these would be a scheduling nightmare. There’s reserve days all knockout games.

Yeah, could you imagine! It’s pretty much impossible these days. A logistical nightmare.

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Just seems ridiculous that when you play a tournament in a wet country that you wouldn’t have a reserve day or have your tournament structured for it.
Sydney has had the most washouts but overall you wont have 4-5 matches early affected by rain. Last tournament there was just the one washout (Us vs Bangladesh)

Rain is leading the table with 4 wins.


Are no reserve days something ICC wanted or India did

they are one and the same. that aside, yesterday’s washout absolutely advantages NZ more than India.


Can’t wait for a high-profile team to miss out on the final four due to some washouts.

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Essendon beat hawthorn

England beat the West Indies in a canter


Roy pulled up pretty bad by the sounds of it

South Africa just lost to Australia by an innings and 1 run.

Hate PlayStation

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After Buckley mouthed off with his don’t boo a champion ■■■■■, I truly hope they are 5 points up in the GF against WC, get an absolute shocker of a decision against Pendlebury, to that bloke who sealed it last year, who kicks a barrel from 80 metres out, that gets touched just in the line by de gooey, that gets reviewed, and is adjudged to be a mm over the line.

And then Jobe Watson punches Eddie out of nowhere.

Then I clean my creamy mess with a Collingwood hand towel.

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And the ICC award the premiership to India?