Crowing about Justin

Yes, he manages the other staff involved in performance.
If you read all the news articles over the past few years pertaining to players doing conditioning etc they all refer to corresponding with Turk.
I’ve never heard mention of Crow being directly in charge of the conditioning side of our fitness program

Whole list other than Mutch and McKernan and Stewart fit and available.

Good run with injury this year and we have no excuses.

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Joe, Gleeson, Begley and Hooker have been injured.

TBC, Raz and Merret clearly started behind the 8 ball.

Merrett and Raz are catching up
Gleeson and Begley hardly the fault of the conditioning team.

Looking from the outside only, JD is the fault of the conditioning team.

Will be interesting to see how we go over the next 4 weeks and see how our fitness holds up.
Got 2 consecutive 6-day breaks (again) then 10 days followed by 5 day break (how does that even happen anymore?)


6 day breaks are completely over rated imo. Is their any evidence to show it makes a difference?

Not sure, but very glad that the Pies play in Brissie and we are at Marvel though.

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I vaguely recall Crow saying last year that 4 days is the minimum acceptable recovery duration.

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Only in that it changes the game/recovery/analysis/train/game cycle. But teams are used to it now and are usually well prepared.

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To have Smack, Mutch and Stewart as the only 3 out of a list of 45 unavailable is a nice spot to be in at the moment. Touch wood and all that stuff.

Assuming Zaka is ok of course :+1:

Not saying it’s the fault of conditioning team. More a comment that we haven’t had a clear run of injuries. We have and it’s clearly impacted us to date.

Nothing that I’ve seen. I know in 2008 we had 4 consecutive 6 day breaks to start the season and had a huge amount of soft tissue injuries.

I know the players prefer 6 day breaks, not sure on 5 day breaks

On the Crawf and Hirdy podcast last year, Hirdy said the worst effect of the short breaks was felt on the third game. Not sure if there were more injuries, but the players couldn’t bounce back twice in a row in short succession.

I doubt anyone would be thinking too hard about the 6 day break if it wasn’t before ANZAC day. We’re so conditioned to dealing with unusually short turnarounds on ANZAC day that we’ve forgotten how to deal with a regular break. If it was a Sunday game followed by a Saturday game, it would probably attract little mention

Use the depth mofos. 45 players for what?

This guy is killing it this year.

Such a good job.

The following have missed or will miss 2 or more games due to soft tissue injuries and many are reinjuries.

Not good enough. We are only 10 rounds in.

Crow can join Worsfold and co in the cannon now.

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This guy needs some accountability put on him.

I do wonder what his KPI’s would be?

Surely he has failed to hit them over the past few years, and must be close to getting the chop?

load up the cannon

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On the whole fitness / injury management thing.
So our conditioning manager leaves one week into the season with the club knowing 5 weeks prior that he “had aspirations to live on the Gold Coast”, ended up being offered a job and took it.
So WTF did we not have a locked in contract with him for the year because the succession plan of “the Bombers would use current staff to replace the roles played by Turk.” has surely not worked.

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