Daniel Menzel

Interesting situation. If Ablett returns, he may be squeezed out of the Cats. Very good half-forward type who can turn it on and would add to our attack. Is an unrestricted free agent. For the right price I’d like to see him in red and black. Managed by Rama as well!

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On Saturday night I witnessed the debut of a player who I think can be better than Menzel within 12 months. I’d rather pump games into the big boi.


He will need to find his spongy floors elsewhere

No thanks, he is keen to return to Adelaide anyway

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How many knees did he do?

Surely you mean “How many knee Dan Menzel do”?


For a guy with only two knees, I think he has done three of them.


Kicked nearly 40 but is the worst pressure fwd in the league. And with injury history a huge risk.

Apparently wants much more cash than Cats prepared to pay. Given they stuck by him so long fair enough to hold ground.

Actually clever by Cats to move him if they do while his currency as high as it will ever be.

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Geez, natural forward with 36 goals from 16 games, you’d have to consider him wouldn’t you.

Not sure who he would replace, but I see THE and Lav (to a lesser extent) as mid fielders so maybe their could be room on a bench with Fanta and Tippa getting a bit more rotation through the middle.

I hope SA enjoy him, do not want.

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I’m bored at work so anyway taken a look at the average age of our list as of December 2016. It was 24 years and 102 days, making us the 5th oldest in the AFL. If we lose the blokes we all expect as per the below:


Watson (32)
Stanton (31)
Kelly (33)

Likely departures

Hocking (29)
Howlett (28)
Bird (28)
J.Merrett (24)
McKernan (26)
Morgan (21)
Long (21)

How accurate I am I don’t know, I’d say 7/10 are definite and the others reasonably likely. However if we assume all 10 will go and we replace with draftee age kids, say all will be 18/19 by December this year, even accounting for the guys remaining on the list gaining in age by a year, our average list age will be 23 years and 90-odd days, which would put us as the 2nd most youthful team in the AFL based on this years age breakdowns. Point is we need some experienced players to come on. Menzel can play and I certainly wouldn’t knock back anyone capable of getting 40 goals as a small/medium forward. Who knows Ace is pretty bang on with SA matters so he will probably return home if he leaves the Cats, but work a look IMO…



You know, like the blokes Geelong are hoping to replace Menzel with.


■■■■ no

Probably an upgrade on Green but would cost too much. NEXT

This. Has zero defensive capabilities and will never play 20 + games a season, pass.

Last cat we go who had done a acl was a bust - prismall, do not want.

Has had 4 knee ops and his brother has had a couple aswell including a full knee op at 16 yo. One of their other brothers also has done his twice.
Has no defensive capability whatsoever and you just know he would break down first game for us.


As weird as it feels to say…

Nah, we’re pretty right for goal kickers atm.