Dare to dreamers vs Reigning Premiers - your prediction for result and reason

We’re off the back of two much needed wins against formidable sides out of form or so the media would have us believe.

Win lose or draw I am salivating at the prospect of our team going toe to toe with Tigers tonight so long as we bring it.

I am going to say Bombers by 17 points with the Tigers being in front at some stage in th last half.

Dusty to not get 3 Brownlow votes.

Our leading Goal scorer Tippa.

Would love to hear your predictions.

And gooooooo Bombers!


It’s fkn game day ■■■■■■■. Get pumped


Am hoping for a hat trick.

‘Cause I gotta have faith
I gotta faith
Because I gotta to have faith faith
I gotta to have faith, faith, faith’

Bombers by 10 points.


Very close until the middle of the 4th when the pelicans start pulling decisions out of there ■■■■ giving the Tigers some easy shots at goal.

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Bombers by 26. Not our best performance this year, but consistent across four quarters. Tigers look somewhat flat.

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If the brand of footy we have been laying down gets a win I will be very excited.

There will be more tests not to go introverted because Martin is simply impossible to beat in some situations and he will get them going at stages.

I want us to crack in all night even if we lose.

I want Hurls in beast mode. If he is then our chances of winning go up.


I can’t go or watch. Wedding.

Last wedding I went to and game I missed was during the Geelong game two weeks ago.

We’re good things


Richmond by 25.

We’ll pressure them for a bit, they’ll pull away, we’ll try and come back late but it will be too little, too late

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Seriously you have to lose that avatar my friend

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When can I ditch it? Does it have to be a certain amount of time since you get the boot?

I hate it too

You’re not anyone’s lackey. Just lose it now

Yes not as fresh as yours.


This game is definitely winnable, but it’s equally definitely losable. If we maintain the football of the last two weeks then we’ll be right in it; but maintaining a high standard is not something we’ve been good at since 2000. So this is another test, and probably the hardest so far, because Richmond at their best are a ■■■■■■ good team.

I don’t trust us yet. I think we’ll be in this for a while but fall away. Richmond are a fantastic last-quarter team.

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You can’t change it until you have another spin.

Then you be a cheating ranga and play a comedy routine in your set…

Cheating is when you do something outside the rules. I was merely exploiting a loophole.

I Danked my old avatar back.

Essendon by 22pts.
We are playing well, the Tigers are just going and won’t be quite as desperate as we are given their win/loss record.

It will be a minor wake up call for them, and get us back in the season.
I’m Big Kev excited for this one !


Richmond by 10 points and robocop b o o b s at the Royal

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Into final minute. Down by 3 points. Dusty gathers in their defensive 50, Tippa run down tackle, no whistle, but ball spills to Laverde: handball over the top, Andy McGrath curls it through for a goal.

Bombers win.


20 seconds left, ball up deep in our forwardline. Bellchambers makes the tap, Zaharakis snaps it high to the square where two Richmond players go for the mark but McKernan plows in from the side and almost marks it, balls spills to Langford, he breaks a tackle and slams through a goal! Margin back to 46 points as the siren sounds and we trudge off 4-7 going into next week.