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A PASTOR attempting to demonstrate God’s power by walking on water has been eaten by crocodiles.

PUBLISHED: 00:00, Tue, May 16, 2017 | UPDATED: 01:51, Tue, May 16, 2017

Jonathan Mthethwa was killed by three crocodiles as he carried out a religious demonstration in Zimbabwe.

Shocked witnesses said the clergyman had “prayed the whole week” before the stunt went tragically wrong.

He had also fasted in the lead-up to the attempted miracle, which was inspired by a Biblical tale of Jesus walking on water during a storm.

Horrified members of the Saint of the Last Days Church said the pastor was completely devoured in a “couple of minutes”.

I think this blokes a shoe in.


Do not put the Lord your God to the test!

Did he not realise after the first few steps that he wasn’t actually on top of the water??



That the stunt ‘went wrong’ is definitely editorialising and very much up in the air


If someone gets run over by a croc driving a Toyota hiace unlicensed, then by all means it’s controversial and something “went wrong”

Apex predator doing some apex predating on their home turf is exactly what’s meant to happen
This wanker getting eaten has probably stopped half his paritioners getting sucked into doing something equally stupid.

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This ■■■■■■ getting eaten has probably stopped half his paritioners getting sucked into doing something equally stupid.

Sadlly it is probably only half too

Lol. Mental is probably right.

Stupid crocs. If only they had waited for a few extra minutes, they would have feasted on much more.

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Croc may have been disappointed the bloke had been fasting prior.

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Up there with this guy

When it comes to such things, … I’ve always gotten a giggle or o/wise been left aghast at a show called “A Thousand ways to Die”.

There’s a barrow load of Darwin Award candidates amongst them.

Bit if a crossover with the movies thread, but is ‘every single member of the cast of Alien: Covenant’ a valid Darwin Awards nominee?

Why would god suddenly start suspending the laws of nature for this guy? He’s never done it before.

Maybe this guy would have been a good participant in this study : https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/28392301

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These two idiots.
Indian stunt men who cannot swim drown doing a stunt in a reservoir.

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You would think those conducting the investigation would be able to have a pretty relaxing lunch and still make a 2pm tee time.


Anil is an unfortunate name although not as unfortunate as my favourite unfortunate name, Sheila Dikshit.

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What are your thoughts on Anton Enus?

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There’s been a few times over the years when I thought I might qualify for the Darwin Awards, but somehow I’m still here.

Was one of them bad mouthing tippa?

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