DARWIN AWARDS - name your candidate


Lol. No.
That’s more an urban myth than a fact.
Ask ben, I just counterpointed him.


The croc story is a crock.


Not as unfortunate as Sheila Dikshit.



Snopes are kill joys.


is this now awarded the Boot fake news of the week?


He’s unwell isn’t he?


Bowel cancer


You could pick a whole team of contenders from the “Blue Whale Game” (if reports are true).

“The lethal game called Blue Whale involves brainwashing vulnerable teenagers over a period of 50 days, urging them to complete tasks from watching horror movies to waking at strange hours, and self harming.
Eventually exhausted and confused, they are told to commit suicide, and it is feared in Russia that dozens have done so.”



Could be, really don’t care, but if you got your “Fact check” from Snopes I would believe the unsubstantiated report over them.

“here was no reason given in any article for why a pastor and presumably his congregation from Zimbabwe was in South Africa to begin”

Americans, NFI about the rest of the world. There are hundreds of thousands of Zimbabweans who have been given ZIM Permits and the movement since MUGABE took over has been described as a deluge.
S.A. has just deported 14,5000 DSP holders and is looking at another 200,000.


It’s definitely fake.


Woman trapped in window trying to retrieve poo after Tinder date

If that is not a downer on any potential breeding and continuation of the species then I am not sure what is.


I had a good laugh reading that.


I remember meeting a couple many years ago, tge female half of which told a story about one of hers that just wouldn’t flush so she “cut it up with a knife and fork”. Clearly this method needs more publicity.


You couldn’t make that up.


Two Australians have died after falling from a cliff at a seaside town in Portugal, local media has reported.

The Australians appeared to have been taking photos when they fell down the cliff at Pescadores Beach in Ericeira, the National Maritime Authority told Portuguese news agency Lusa.



I think this kind of qualifies.

In the first attempted murder ever on the frozen continent of Antarctica, a Russian scientist reportedly snapped and allegedly tried to stab a colleague to death because the victim kept giving away the endings of books.


I’d better shut up in case BSD decides to head west.

There was a good bit in the original Pete and Dud version of Bedazzled where Peter Cook as the Devil ripped out the last 10 pages of Agatha Christie books…so…the polar opposite.


Enough already … I can hardly bear it!