DARWIN AWARDS - name your candidate


Death is too good for some people.



Won’t anyone think of the crocodiles?!


I can understand that, my wife has come close on occasions.


Were the books penguins?


The name of the church was a big omen.


Can we nominate the Gold Coast Suns for basically giving away all their good players for a pack of chips and delisting their best midfielder?


More foreplay required?


Can’t remember if this was posted but a nomination from a year or 2 ago


Justifiable homicide.



I must admit I always get a laugh when some arrogant ■■■■ of a missionary cops the early meeting with Jesus when they wanted to bring God to some natives.

Not to teach them how to get fresh water, or build huts, or anything, but just convert them.

There were a couple of old codgers captured by the Taliban and sentenced to death for trying to convert Muslims to Christianity in Afghanistan. Then 9/11 happened and they were released. Boy, i was ■■■■■■.


What ever happened to that old Aussie bloke that was captured, maybe at the start of the war?

Maybe he was shipping wheat or oil, but he seemed right dopey and I have to assume the government paid the ransom.


That’s hilarious.

Not sure what’s funnier, this bloke or that wombat that strode into crocodile infested waters with only the glory of God for protection.


I was halfway through it thinking, surely it’s not that tribe.
The one that’s made it very clear that they don’t like outsiders and the Indian Government have been very clear to people about leaving alone.
But of course it was.


What ■■■■■■ me off is he could have wiped them all out with diseases they have no immunity to. Risked killing every one of them, just because he wanted to read them a book. To give your beliefs more importance than somebody’s life, while draping yourself in the guise of doing good, that is hypocrisy of the highest order.


Just complete arrogance, ignorance and stupidity.
Still, he paid a high price for it.


Should have eaten him as well.


AKA Religion.


Tried to jump a fence at the cricked in Bart Simpson thongs, lost a hold when I got to the rail, fell back and cracked my head on the bitumen. If it was cement I would have been seeing daisies.
I saw a mate I’d apparently bumped into an hour before told him the story and he told me I’d already told him - he drove me home.
Now my cars at the cricket.
If anyone lives in Launceston can they go and pick it up. im watching austin powers which I initially thought was the piano.


When I read “Tried to jump a fence at the cricked”, I feared you had torn your sac attempting to get over.

Relieved you only suffered a minor brain injury.