Dean Wallis saved by heart surgery

Same age as Warnie…

Essendon premiership player Dean Wallis suffers major heart attack

Essendon premiership player and famed hard man Dean Wallis has been rushed to hospital in Bendigo after suffering a major heart attack.

Dual Essendon premiership defender Dean Wallis has suffered a major heart attack in Echuca.

Wallis was initially rushed to the local hospital before being transferred to Bendigo, where he had lifesaving surgery.

The Bombers hard man, who was working in Echuca, is recovering well and was able to reach out to concerned teammates on Sunday.

Wallis is 52, the same age as cricket legend Shane Warne and politician Kimberley Kitching who both died suddenly of a heart attack over the past week.

He attended Essendon’s Hall of Fame function last month, where he celebrated the elevation of Neale Daniher, the late Dr Bruce Reid, Dustin Fletcher and Gavin Wanganeen to Legend status.

Wallis played in the 1993 and 2000 premiership teams under legendary coach Kevin Sheedy, and was later an assistant under James Hird.

He had a falling out with the Bombers two years ago when he attacked the current administration, saying he was disenchanted by the direction the club was heading.

The former defender called for a “review and investigation” into the club, who he labelled “impostors”.

“If there was an Olympic Games for impostors in the AFL, Essendon would win gold, silver and bronze,” he told the Herald Sun.

“Some people will have a go at me for speaking out like this, but someone needs to stand up. The reality is, I’m just a past player who cares about his club.

“There needs to be a full review and investigation into the ongoings of the past and hopefully there are some passionate Essendon heavy hitters that can rally together to make drastic and necessary changes.”

It’s understood things had improved recently between the current management and Wallis, as indicated by his attendance at the Hall of Fame event.

Wallis played 127 games between 1987 and 2001. His son Tom was briefly on Essendon’s rookie list.


Great to hear he’s ok. I’m glad I’m not 52.


Yikes…might have to go get a CAC score.
Only 3 months away for me.

What a ■■■■ article to announce a man survives a heart attack


I’m 52…it’s time for a check up


Guy has heart-attack so uses article to drag up past issues with the football club which has no relevance to current issue. The flogs that write these things should be stripped naked, smothered in honey and tied to ant hills.


The stats on middle aged heart attacks over the next year or two is going to be very interesting.


If your 52 years old, I’d strongly suggest getting a check over from your GP.

I’ve heard the same but for what reason do you understand?

Evidence is that Covid can damage / exacerbate heart problems.


My suggestion would be that all 51 year olds get yourselves ahead of the game and go get checked out. Seriously, everyone, self maintenance is very necessary. Don’t put it off. If not for yourself, for your family. Sad way for us all to be reminded to do so.

Club 52 is the new Club 27.


Yeah that was the age bracket for my dad. He was very fortunate to survive his heard attack and subsequently a stroke not long after. If I was there for the heart attack and my brother for the stroke it’d be a much different look to the family.

Don’t be stupid like my dad. Chest pain is not anxiety cos your partner is going overseas for a few months to visit family they haven’t seen for 10 years. Get to a hospital.

My mum is in her 60’s and suffers from Atrial fibrillation she’s on blood thinners

I’m 10 years away from turning 50 so will be definitely getting my heart checked once I turn 50

Ex club official and very good friend of Wallis let me know Dean is stable and recovering well


A pattern has emerged.

69 was kinda of a thing when Alan Rickman and David Bowie both died a few days apart aged 69.

yep - one to watch.

I had heart surgery at 18 and it was the toughest thing to recover from both mentally and physically.

I hope Dean can get through this!


Is it common for Australians to have a yearly health screening which covers bloods, stew, urine, Lung xrays, ECG etc.