Demonstrative fans

Yes, this bloke. Thank you.

I hope he hates his dad.

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I know it’s in this thread, but there was one bloke in a tracksuit coming back to his seat, probably after a goal. And he’s doing a little skip/karate kick down the steps.

Pure joy!

I’ll try and find it


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What!? It’s a blitzer?

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See post #1 for more, including video of him from the One True ANZAC Day match.

thats why we’re in the mess, vlads children didn’t clean the plates well enough and as any good parent knows you break your kids things to teach them a lesson, just so happened this thing was the essendon football club

See top of thread.

That’s @Franky_Dunell

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Pure joy!

Love that little skip.

Can we get a back story here, maybe a podcast? @Franky_Dunell

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Franky hasn’t been here for 7 years.

Did the Royal close down or something?

Probably still shattered after Arsenal’s collapse, but rapt with Celtic.



And here he is, thanks the club’s latest 93 video.


Ron Swanson’s Dad

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I was always a fan of this one…… the timing of the cut-away is perfect