Derek Kickett -- re-heating the hot take

He should have played in 93 (although wasn’t playing well, and Floody was unlucky), and would have won us the GF in 96. Watching him on the front bar tonight was magnificent, and painful.


Loved big decka, amazing player, but can’t agree with this


Would have got us there, but not winning it

Wanganeen missing the snap from the goalsquare against Brisbane in the Qual-Final was the sliding door moment in 96 for me.


Yes, we did have a very unlucky finals campaign.

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I thought it was this game where locket was under control, so he threw fletcher over the fence and he was off for quite a while. In the meantime the kicked a couple of goals.

Could be wrong game, but it always felt like a turning point.

Let’s go might have…at least we would have made the GF. It’s sad to see him leave the Dons, I reckon he played this first game for us at Windy Hill, and I was there.

It was the pocket, wasn’t it? Or did he miss twice.

Yep few inches the other way and we’ve got a home prelim.

Also on topic. Kickett’s form at the back end of 93 especially in the finals was horrific. Warranted being dropped.


Get that, but it was a mistake. Not long before the finals he kicked 8 and won us the game against the Dogs.

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That was during the season. Was a draw or a close loss

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So it was a turning point in the season!!!

Had 8,2 and 5 disposals in the 3 finals. You can’t take someone that out of form into a GF.


Derek was selected in our 1990 grand final team.

note: I do not recall the result of that match and would prefer to keep it that way. In fact I insist.

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Special player. Sheedy did the right thing though!

The big mistake was not dropping him for the prelim.

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I get that, and everyone is right that his form wasn’t great, but in hindsight, fark. We might have won by 70 points.

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I get why he was ■■■■■■ off. Anyone would be but his form warranted being dropped and sheedy did the right thing.

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Loved Kickett.


From memory, he threw out a few cut lunches. And took a nice hanger.