Derek Kickett returning to Windy Hill

That was interesting.

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I’ve never heard that allegation before.

It was.

And as always, … #Sad

No doubt but that’s the first time I’ve heard him allege that Sheedy dropped him out of spite.

That and that he’s reached out to Sheedy in the past but it’s Sheedy who doesn’t want to speak to him.

You could state what he said?

not everyone continues watching channel 7s garbage after the games done.


It’s just up there.

I only start watching 7’s “garbage” after the games done (or listening to …)

I came to it late, but the Front Bar is quite good I reckon, … despite Maher’s incessant Maherishness …

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I feel sorry for D Kickett that his career is defined by that one event. When he played at West Perth, we’d follow from end to end to get a closer view. He was unreal.


The front bar is actually pretty funny as far as football related shows go.


That highlights package the played of Kickett was as good as you will see, had it all.

Poor David Flood.

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What’s David Flood got to do with it?

Was far more unlucky than Kickett to miss the premiership, but he didn’t crack the sh*ts like Derek did, so nobody really knows about it.

Did they show highlights of Kickett’s previous three games before he was dropped?


He was the unluckiest guy dropped for the 1993 grand final.

(And I say that despite my favourite player, Harvey, replacing him.)

Flood was dropped for Wally… I thought he’d been good before the GF.

Derek had no highlights in the prior 3 games but kicked 8 against the dogs one of the best wet weather games I’ve ever seen an individual play ever in the scone last game of the season. He was head and shoulders better than every player that day. I’ll never forget it.


Yep… Wally. Sheeds had to get Wally a medal.

That 8 goal game by Kickett was extraordinary, but his finals form was beyond dismal. He was lucky to play the prelim, and he was horrible in that.

I probably would have sneaked him in ahead of Chris Daniher, though.

It often got quoted Derek had played every game that season… He had in fact played 55 straight games I think before being dropped for the Granny… That would be a record for sure.

Kickett flat-out didn’t deserve a game on form.

But Sheeds didn’t always pick teams on from, so it wouldn’t surprise me if there was some spite involved. This is Sheeds we are talking about.

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