Chicken Pho, Vietnamese soup with noodles.

Alternate doses of paracetamol and ibuprofen, heaps of fresh vegetable and fruit juice


I had influenza 2 weeks ago. It’s a ■■■■ of a thing.

I took tamiflu anti viral tablets, drank lots of water and stayed in bed.


Our lose to FC is worse.

A win in WA will cure you.


I got swine flu!!

Yeah you have flu once, you quickly learn the difference between a cold and the flu. It’s a real ■■■■■.



and some scotch and coke if you have a sore throat :wink:


Your sick and in Perth. This could be useful, get yourself to the Eagles training.


When is it?


Yep. Bread without salt lasts a day tops. A mate tried to cut salt and sugar and make his own bread. Literally went mouldy and hard trying to get 2 days out of it.


Lost 4.5kgs just eating YouFoodz for lunch and dinner and trying to eat healthy/avoid softdrink.

Breakfast - a cup of cereal (usually special K or All-bran with skim milk

Morning Tea - Piece of fruit

Lunch - Youfoodz wrap/Pizza (usually 350 cal or thereabout)

Afternoon tea - airpopped popcorn or fruit

Dinner - Youfoodz again (same calories or less)

All up I’m not going past 1300cals.

It sucks as there are days I’m craving greasy fish and chips.

I’m surprised I haven’t craved sugar or softdrink.


if you completely withdraw from sugar (i.e. sucrose) it can take up to 2 weeks to feel the effects.

I did it a couple of years ago with the intention of then only consuming glucose (the aim is to get off fructose either completely or as much as possible). I remember close to two weeks in I left work feeling crook, was on a packed train and ended up sitting on the floor in a sweat, feeling nauseous and I don’t know how else to explain it. It’s said it can be similar (though I would say no where near as severe) as getting off heroin and I think I at least partly understand what they are saying.


Cheers Gillsy. Its been 3 weeks. To be fair I have had twinnings infusion tea in cold water and fruit. But that’s it.


just an FYI comment Special K is actually quite high in added sugar. I was surprised as it’s promoted/thought of as the dieter’s cereal.

Good old fashioned Corn Flakes is actually a better option than special K or All-bran. See below (Corn Flakes middle panel). I always use the per 100g column to compare as different serving sizes can be used for some of the columns.

Anyway all the very best with what you’re doing. Try and enjoy it and focus on what you are having rather than what you are giving up. I think that’s the problem with the term diet - it has become bastardised and it has a very strong connection with being punish / going without. Healthy or nutritional eating is a better way to think of it.


Oats beat them all


I just ate a whole large Hawaiian pizza and now I feel fat greasy and sick.
This didn’t come as a surprise


agree - I have oats with a range of grains, nuts and seeds plus some hemp protein powder and matcha and a bit of honey and frozen blueberries - all soaked overnight in water. Kinda like a bircher. All ready to eat the next morning.

Sunday breakfast is similar but it’s heated up - kinda like porridge.


I find a good breakfast a few times a week is a Quest protein bar. There are many flavours and they’re all a bit different but very similar in nutrition. My favourite (Choc Chip Cookie Dough — yeah, yeah, I know) is 206 calories, about 20 grams of protein, 12 grams of fibre and 0 sugar — the sweetener is stevia, and it’s pretty sweet. The fibre makes it quite filling and I don’t need to eat again until lunch. They’re the best bars I’ve found and sometimes I have one for lunch.

Other days I’ll have one piece of toast with a quarter of an avocado (smashed with dukkah, or with some vegemite on the toast) and a poached egg, or All Bran with banana and sultanas. I have a sweet tooth.



You deserve everything you get.

Where’s that fkn Ignore function!!! :smirk:


Nope! Been making bread, not with a machine, for years without salt - farking delicious and freezes beautifully.


There can be only one


I couldn’t survive without sugar. Its the best antidepressant there is. I find it difficult to believe that it took 2 weeks to kick in.