Immediately, yes they would.
I find it’s like caffeine, chilli or crack. Your body just adjusts to the level you’re getting.


Can’t agree with Doe on black coffee, no milk.

My local coffee shop only uses Jersey milk which does seem to produce a better coffee.


When you go black, you’ll never go lac.


You lie…I’ve tried it, don’t like it. Don’t mind the occasional macchiato though.


A Laxette with every Lunch?


Salt is essential for chips, but I agree, not too much.

And it has to be real salt, preferably from a grinder.

And whoever invented chicken salt deserves to die 1000 painful deaths. I won’t say it’s the most disgusting food ever produced because there’s a lot of competition. But it literally makes me sick. Even the stink of it.


Fully concur. Chicken salt is disgusting.

And a few years ago, Burger Edge were using it as their default salt for chips.


Blitz needs a Godwin’s Law equivalent for chicken salt.

And yes, it’s awful.


i like this

and dislike this.

where’s the dislike and indifferent buttons rolo…


Is Godwin’s Law where you suggest chicken salt was invented by Hitler’s scientists and used instead of Zyklon-B?


I bought some chips at Red Rooster in the Southern Stand at the G once. They had chicken salt on them. I ate 3. That was the first and last time I was in a Red Rooster outlet.


Except RR don’t use Chicken Salt.



Whereas actual C Salt …


JFTR, I’ve always thought RR chips were fkn bueno.

Couldn’t count the amount of Chick’n & Chips I’ve had over the years.


So is there any one born in this century or the last who have a problem with chicken salt?


Yeah, I don’t dig the Chicken salt, … or Gravy, Vinegar, Mayo, or even Sauce on my Chips. Just salt as a rule, … because I want to taste the fkn Chips!

The RR salt is the exception, … they just go so well with their Chook.

(Fk, I’m hungry for Chicken n Chips now …)


All that proves is that you whipper-snappers’ taste buds are in your ■■■■. It’s disgusting.


You do know masterfoods chicken salt is ■■■■.

and that the fluorescent yellow stuff (mitani/food shops) doesn’t have chicken in it?

the good stuff (mitani) has:

it was salt to put on rotisserie chickens @ charcoal chicken shops. then they put it on chips.


Chicken salt is a must on chips


Bring back the ignore button!


Who’s got a flu remedy?

I’ve got man flu like I’m going to die.


Boot quoted mine the other day, … Bourbon and Tramadol.

Seriously, there is no remedy, … just some sort of relief and that will do it as good as anything.

Other than that,… Hot Tea, … real Chicken Soup, … hot baths, … some sort of tablet to stop the runny nose, . or alternatively, open it up, … (I avoid them mostly, and just go with Vicks and/or steam Inhalations, and roll upon roll of quality Dunny Roll), …

And as much sleep as you can get, Just got to ride through the barstard. Good luck, … I hate having it.