Disgraceful EFC - Extending pokies license to 2042


Mum, Dad, stop fighting, you’re ruining my birthday


I’ll give you 2:1 that dad belts mum in a drunken rage.


No one is forcing anyone to play them. Essendon have every right to do this to help support their financial situation.


So you are saying our football club should be such good moral citizens that we just give up on something that is common and completely legal. Not sure we need to go that far. Exiting pokie machine ownership is more than enough and is something the club is going to do.


We should get into insurance. They seem to make bucketloads. But to paraphrase Ned Flanders, insurance is a form of gambling. So yeah.

There is no such thing as ethical capitalism. No matter where we get our money from, at some point it has been obtained by exploiting someone/something. Everyone who has an advantage in life from capitalism (ie: everyone reading this) makes peace with it somehow.


Well if he lost all his money on the pokies he will for sure. Probably a high statistic on that one.

Also @SMJ you mention this Hitler bloke as having something to do with Pokies. I am interested in this chain of thought. I do like the fact that in Australia we can take the ■■■■ on a serious topic with Hitler jokes.

To a real question though, how would an NBL franchise net us additional revenue? Are they profitable? Cannot imagine they would turn as much over as the Pokies?


It’s possible you missed what I did there.


i don’t want your sports bet odds, i want real stats!


I reckon that extending the lease at the Melton Country Club is great forward planning by the Club. At least we’ll have a venue to celebrate our next flag at in 2042.


We can just leave the kids in the car right?


Well that is the stat put out there by those who hate pokies, but I reckon it is close. Remember there are about 200,000 poker machines acrosss our wide brown land, and as some are saying, they are in your face at venues and have all the bells and whistles to make you think you are bgoing to win a fortune.

The other compelling stat is that the Victorian Government gets about 15% of its revenue from Gambling.

So gambling is here to stay.


Will we still have cars by then? I was promised a flying vehicle by then.


Smart money says we will.


Good money in gaming.


Wasn’t there a case waiting to determine if loot boxes will be considered a form of gambling?


How about the ivf industry too? I hear that that’s quite lucrative.

Hell, no need for qualifications either if you can pass yourself off as a reputable doctor and plaster some dodgy certificates on your office walls to dupe your clients.

Just don’t get caught otherwise you’ll be sent to the slammer for 9 or so years.


Good point. There are plenty of morally questionable investments that the EFC could look into in addition to investing in poker machines. Smoking for instance. Although not as popular as it once was it still has the potential to generate coin. Coal is another proven earner. The downsides are also proven but let’s not focus on the negatives. Income above community expectations is what really matters.


And whwn the board decide to get out of the pokie game, i wont be fussed.

And i wasnt attacking the op, so youll jave to ask those who you believe were attacking him.

I merely posed an opposite viewpoint.


I agree.

I have lived and worked where I have seen the carnage, the damage and destruction caused by people addicted to all forms of gambling. Is it worse now because gambling in many forms is more freely available without leaving the comfort of your own home? Of course it is. I know that is not the fault of the EFC, poker machines are a legal form of entertainment just as the AFL is. How much of the AFL’s revenue stream comes from gambling?

I wonder where the line of morality is and what that actually means, when there is a vested interest. The line seems to have become blurred, its hard to see where the danger lies. Where the cut off point starts and ends. Alcohol too is legal and the same applies. Some people have no cut off point and once they start, they cannot stop. Its an all or nothing pursuit. Nothing ventured nothing gained.

It can be like a war zone for those living with the problem on a daily basis. I am glad that I am one who no longer is.



Wrong. Woolworths controls 5 times the number of poker machines that Wesfarmers do. Wesfarmers only has poker machines where they have to own a pub to distribute alcohol which is essentially confined to Queensland. Wesfarmers make a lower profit per machine in Queensland when compared to Woolworths as they have lower bet limits and slower spins of the machine. They also run tighter problem gaming programs aimed at helping those those have a gaming problem. Wesfarmers have lobbied the Queensland government on a number of occasions to change the legislation so that they can remove themselves from the poker machines while continuing to sell liquor.