Disgraceful EFC - Extending pokies license to 2042


I can’t believe I’m even having to do this, but:

Pokies are different to other forms of gambling. If I bet on a horse race, every hour of every day, I might, theoretically, come out in front, or even win big. It’s unlikely obviously, but I could back the winner ever single race, theoretically.

Pokies are different. If I play a pokie machine for a long time, it is a mathematical certainty that I will lose. Not a moderate possibility, not a high possibility, a certainty. That’s how the machines are designed. The spins aren’t random. They are a result of complex algorithms which ensure that the house always, always, wins.

Now obviously, to someone who’s in full command of their faculties, that sounds like a pretty sh/t deal. That’s why the majority of people don’t play pokies, because they understand if they do it is a certainty that they will lose.

But - the pokies have got one last trick up their sleeve. They are highly addictive. The flashing, the lights, the sounds, all of these are set up deliberately to trigger dopamine release from the brain, to give the user a pleasure rush when they play them. A pleasure rush that is highly addictive, just like the one that users have when they use cocaine, for instance.

So armed with this, most pokie venues set up in low socio economic areas, to take advantage of people who maybe aren’t the smartest in the world, and then get them addicted. That is literally the entire business model.

If you don’t see how this means the peddlers of pokies have a a lower level of morality than the peddlers of other common vices (even though they are somewhat destructive too) then I’m sorry but I can’t help you.


There has been a study done on unconscious entrainment via free spins, flashing light, music etc. equals reward which keeps people playing. The woman was in Melbourne I think her name was Gabriel Byrne


The same model makes people play Candy Crush, as pointless a ‘game’ as you’ll ever see.
Well, no, not play.
Keep playing.


They’re getting out of pokies because they’re in decline, and they can get a better return elsewhere. Has little to do with morality.


Well then I guess we should hand back our licenses then? Why all the fuss?


So anyway
After at least three years of ‘we’re getting out of pokies’ goodwill…

Does the EFC have a target for when they’re getting out of pokies?
Will it be immediate or gradual?
What are its plans specifically to do so?
What are its targets?
What are its goals?

I mean, I plan to get to 80 kilo…one day…
Is it that sort of ‘we’re going to do this…’ or do you actually have strategies in place?
What are they?

These aren’t questions I’d have asked if your communications department was equipped/enabled to do their job, but seeing as how they’re clearly not I don’t think I can take you at your very vague word anymore.

Not after you extended your pokie licence for another 24ish years.
That kind of makes me think you don’t mean what you say.
It kind of makes me think you can’t be trusted.
Again, it didn’t have to be that way.
You chose to make it that way, and so we have all of…this.

So, in your own time, EFC…


Because you don’t replace that money overnight.


And people were ■■■■■■■■ about the NBL licence…

Can’t win.


Virtue signalling.


No, I was rapt with the NBL license.
Because I saw it as a way to withdraw the club from pokies.
I’m ■■■■■■ about the 24 year extension on pokies with no comment from the club.
I’m ■■■■■■ because The Age broke the EFC financial strategy.

I’m not interested, at all, in the moral debate because, and I’m really sorry to repeat myself, I thought the club had already had and settled that debate.


Yes, we need money, but pokies are not the way to go. They take money from those least able to afford it. It would have been good had the Kirner government not introduced them in Victoria. EFC should get out of pokies now.


Agree with all of that.


Well, we are pretty good at finding ways to get screwed by the AFL, umpires, other clubs, the media, the bowls club …


Why stop at poker machines? There’s good money to made in fracking and live animal exports to the middle east. Trapping old people into unfair aged care contracts has potential, too.


Spoken like a true Sandgroper.
One of the best things about the place.


How many millions have been thrown at Essendon to win the flag for no return over the past 18 years?

We all waste money searching for a pleasurable return one way or the other.


Perhaps ask those doing the ‘attacking’ as the vast majority are not, but purely expressing their own opinions with as much passion as the OP.


There’s a difference.
I think the opposite is not the same as ‘go barrack for someone else.’
But, as you’ve said, you don’t see that.


Not ‘opposite’ - ‘OP’ '- ‘Original Post/Poster’


Well you may well have a point.
It’s bedtime for me.
I was talking specifically towards the attacks on SMJ, so I’m not sure why you bring something else into it, to me, but I’m sure you have your reasons.
Anyway, go Bombers, looking forward to a comment from you that makes all of this redundant…sometime soon, I’m sure.