Disgraceful EFC - Extending pokies license to 2042



To onerous rules normally results in people breaking them and doing worse things.

Illegal gambling used to be done by gangsters who’d break your legs on non payment.

Vast majority of people a $5 on the Sportsbet app is preferable :smiley:


But we can protect some people from some things, if we have the will.


Of course we can, but where do we start and where do we finish? Do we close the beaches because sometimes someone gets eaten by a shark?
Do we close pubs becasue some people cant drink responsibly?
Do we fence off areas such as cliffs and caves becasue some people cant obey warnings and put themseleves at risk?
Do we ban football matches becasue people get injured?
Just because gambling becomes addictive for a certain section of the population is not sufficient to ban everyone from it, IMHO nor should sporting clubs be guilty over making money from them.
The money is no different to a meat raffle. Theres just more of it.
So what? Spend money of helping people with a problem just like with smoking and alcohol. There is no need to ban people who have no problem which is effectively what you are doing.


Exactly. More damage is probably done by people trying to get money for illgeal drugs than the drugs themselves would be if they were controlled.


We do all those things.

Lifesavers close beaches when they are too dangerous all the time
Pubs close at 1 or 3 to prevent unresponsible drinking
Lots of cliffs are closed off due to safety.
Cage fighting was banned until recently

I know what your getting at, but we already live in a pretty controlled world where governments intervene for our safety all the time.


Beginnings of Dementia doesn’t work that way.
Gladys would know what she receives as a pension.
She would know if people lie to her, yes I agree a smiling kind face and gentle fake persona will win over old person.
We use brains. People are in control of their own action otherwise we would have complete kaos!
Now do u live in kaos?


Most of the time yes :stuck_out_tongue:


The old one who plays the pokies…:laughing:


Government regulation has fallen behind the sophistication of poker machine technology. A deal between Wilkie and the Gillard Government fell through. There have been some improvements, such as removing access to ATMs at clubs, restricting feed in cash to $20 and on spin speeds but lot more could be done on maximum bets and maximum outlay per person per day( like a system of tokens).


Life savers don’t patrol all beaches.
Other countries have 24hr pubs…if it drink at home.
Fighting what cages? Fighting has no rules.
The fun police aren’t everywhere and alot of time when the police are there where is the fun?
Gladys can make her own decision otherwise if u see Gladys 1 day bet my money u wouldn’t even speak to her to find out what her choice was!


Those are different debates, and I wish you well with them.
As far as I’m concerned, this debate is whether the EFC should be involved with an industry designed to create addicts and suck them dry.
My vote is no.
I respect if your vote is yes.

There are related discussions on whether more could be done to regulate payouts, or reduce their addictiveness, or just drag them all into the Yarra.
And while they’re not strictly relevant, they’re a bit more relevant than fencing cliffs.


We dont fine big wave surfers, we let people decide not to enagage. We fence off cliffs, we dont stop people going to the mountain in the first place.
We close beaches in rough weather but thats just between the flags, we dont stop people who want to swim, swim. That why people surf during cyclones.
We dont deny people the opportunity to partcipate because some people cant cope.
As for the 1 or 3 am lock out thats just stupid. Particularaly for peole who work until 1. or so and then cant meet people.


That’s your choice resolve it.


Well I dont believe the industry is designed to suck people dry any more than the banking sector. At least they are trying to provide entertainment. And I would rather the EFC be involved with this industry than with the AFL.


Sick of this bullshit
Everyone’s has to help everyone
Poke their nose into someone’s business
Most people only react when bad ■■■■ goes down. Thailand volcanoes flood fires…
How many people here walked up to someone they didn’t know and asked how are you?
I ask everyone to try it tomorrow, then lets have a thread on real stuff cos pokies who gives a ■■■■!


And banks allow people to buy houses.
Again, I respect your opinion on which is more designed to exploit and which has a greater social benefit (or worse).
I happen to disagree very strongly.


I’m a big believer in individual responsibility, and as free of a market as possible. So I don’t object to pokies existing, nor do I think we should make too many provisions to protect those who can’t or won’t take personal responsibility. (And I say this as somebody has kept a vicious gambling habit at bay for 15 years.)

But it’s a seedy, dirty industry, and the club would do well to distance itself from it as soon as possible imo.

Just because you can make money doing something (or you see somebody else doing it), doesn’t mean that you should.


You clearly need more then.


How else are we going to fund our e-sport teams?


But one a more serious tone, worked the gaming floors whilst getting through uni for a number of years. What a soul destroying, cesspool of human misery. Things that stuck out

  1. Kids hanging around the entrance, whilst mum would pop a cheeky $20 in the orient express (2 hours later) - yelling out to mum, like lost cubs
  2. How busy it would get on a Thursday lunchtime (pension day/doll day) - the place would be pumping, like Metro on a Saturday night in the early 2000’s
  3. The elderly that would come in, just for company. Most were widowed and just wanted company - they would talk about how they don’t hear from their grandkids. That was probably the most depressing

Aside from that the room was privy to money laundering, criminal activity, people losing control of their bodily functions whilst on the machine and lack of overall hygiene.

If EFC wants to be apart of that, that’s up to the board - but at least be honest about what the pokies are


The op has been given the answer but has choose to ignore it. The efc extending its licence is not the same thing as the efc committing to having pokie through until said date, it’s purely a business choice for when they are ready to step back.

If they don’t renew they will lose a saleable item later when they are ready to do offload the business.

The efc has giving enough overtures that they want out of the pokies industry but it would a crazy business decision to throw away a saleable asset.