Disgraceful EFC - Extending pokies license to 2042


This thread is another example of post revisionism because it makes people feel good - My understanding is pokies were introduced into Victoria around 25 years ago and the AFL clubs have been in the business for 15 to years - I don’t understand that were few objections to the introduction of pokies or AFL clubs having pokies - Nothing has changed in this time in relationship to their potential ills for members of society - Think it’s a bit rich for people to SELECTIVELY criticise EFC now and not 15 or 20 years ago.


Did you miss the last three years of Essendon saying they’re getting out of pokies?

So if you support the club in that, somehow you selectively criticise the club?

  • Where was the criticism of EFC obtaining pokies 15 or 20 years ago - This is yet another ‘feel good’ issue that’s been jumped on the bandwagoners.


…I have to ask you whether you read my post.

I support Essendon in their stated goal of getting out of pokies revenue.
That is not ‘sudden selective criticsm.’
It’s agreeance.


Did you ever state an objection to EFC obtaining pokies 15 or 20 years ago ? All your posts do is re-emphasise my concern about the bandwagoners in society - But if it makes you feel good.


Let me put this another way.
Do you Not support the Essendon Football Club’s goal to remove themselves from pokie revenue?


That’s an interesting concept, actually - worth exploring further, perhaps.
Not wading into the argument here, this one just perked my ears a little.


Would I be right in saying renewing the licenses doesn’t mean they are going to own the pokies until that year. It just means they own them and can sell if they do choose. The plan to not rely on pokie revenue may still be current and also slightly reliant on the money we make from selling the machines?



We’re you living under a rock, or even in Victoria at the time?

There was massive opposition to it. The revision is being done by you.


You’re just saying that to feel good about yourself.
See, I secretly know the motivations behind why people post what they do.
Call it a gift.



Poker machine licenses can be worth as much as $150,000 each. So if the Bombers have 100 machines then it is worth $15 million perhaps, so you would not just want to walk away.


Just on the broader topic: “grow up, be an adult, use your free will and just be strong and walk away” and all the other “nanny state” arguments are fkn bat ■■■■ crazy IMHO.


Bat ■■■■ crazy like a bat ■■■■ fox


i bet the pokies are “stoked” to be on board til 2042.




The worst long term signing since Myers?


It’s a failure to understand the disease of addiction.


Maybe it is actually agreement.


i really question the pokies protection of kids.


I chose to ignore the red squiggly line.
I can invent words if I want.