DO NOT DRINK - water warning issued for 88 Melbourne suburbs

Glad she’s OK at least. :rofl:

Hope you and the wife get well soon.

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Yeah, cheers for that! My morning liquid intake is generally fruit juice and coffee, so I’m OK. I read it a bit late for Mrs B and Little Miss B though. I guess we’ll wait and see what effect it has had… :frowning:

A couple of jugs of boiled water are now duly set aside.

And yet those CROOKS in SPRING STREET say drinking alcohol is bad for your health.


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Drink the koolaid instead.

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Which one? There’s so many these days.

The Swedish one, they are doing it bestest.

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You got power yet?

Nope. 6pm they reckon. Lucky my phones each had a full charge!

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In all seriousness, I only found out about this because someone texted me and they saw it on facebook etc.

Shouldn’t there be a better way to notify people? Via one of those emergency text messages or something? The word has only got out hours after the fact, probably because most people aren’t constantly monitoring the social media accounts of water companies!


You are SO right. If governments learn nothing else from 2020 it should be to be better prepared…for anything…bushfires, COVID19, contaminated water. As you said before…biblical!

They are saying 7pm for us now, but substantial work is still yet to start. A new power pole has to be installed to take the power cable over the street and then down into where the cable goes underground. Can’t see this all happening by 7pm. Going to be second night of no power for sure. At least the light from the stove top as we boil our water can give some light.

Where are you mate?


The only work done so far was last night when they cleared the fallen pole and tree that caused it off the road. A second pole also had a good clip, plus a now written off car parked on the road (fortunately not mine)

When I lived in Mt Evelyn, I invested in a couple of Coleman camping lights. Only $20 or $30 each, but super useful in outages, which do happen when you’re basically surrounded by big gums.

Always meant to get a big-■■■■ UPS too, so at least we could charge phones and laptops.


Yes, a camping lantern came out last night. Gives good light too. I have a second very powerful one, but it is liquid fuel powered, not using that inside the house.

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There was also a big light pole halfway down on Mountain Hwy, near the corner of Bayswater rd I think it was

Remember years back when we had no gas? Washing was such fun (not). But somehow you get through this shyte.

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Hope it passes quickly Peos

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My parents are in Mount Ev. No power since half time in the footy, trees down everywhere, including a massive one that has smashed their front fence, narrowly missed them, and flattened the neighbors garage. (They reckon it felt like a tornado ripping through. Mum was hiding under the kitchen table.)

I was just about on my way up there when my guts started telling me to sit down for a while…

What a time to be alive.

Edit: but aside from all that, my mum’s biggest complaint is that she hasn’t seen the second half yet.


I haven’t seen the second half either.

Nobody tell me how much we lost by. I want to be surprised