Dr Who


Y'all should check out Google today...

Needs more C.S. Lewis.


And more Aldous Huxley?




What's an Anniversary Party without cake, mini fezzes and Daleks, K9 and Cyber biscuits, Jammie Dodgers, and fish fingers with custard?


The latter is surprisingly inoffensive. Tick that one off my list of life ambitions.



I went to the pop up shop today. I bought daleks.


Sarah Jane's departure plagued me for years.

It wasn't Hillview Rd. It probably wasn't even South Croydon.

The Doctor was so distracted ('okay, seeya, bye') who's to say he even got the right decade?

They probably cleared this up in the reboot, but gosh it bothered me as a kid.

Wrong place, wrong time and nothing but a pot plant and a tennis raquet to call her own.


For such a long time I thought she had said "Hey Bluey" at the end.


In my defence the dog was a bit ginger.


Oh my...


It's the incidental stuff that gets you: quoting Unca Tewwy ("never cruel or cowardly"), and that very long block of initial credits.


Big callback to Genesis with that whole using the Moment thing.






An Adventure in Space and Time was decent.


The Day of the Doctor was pretty sweet.


But The Five(ish) Doctors (link below) blows them away. I'm putting Peter Davison back in first place (above Hartnell) on my list of favourite Doctors.




Spoilers below if you haven't watched the above:

P.S. And fark Eccleston for being the only (living) Doctor not to turn up this weekend. FFS. 


Just having a mini-marathon smashing season 7 and I think I am in love with Miss Oswald.


For those who went to the cinema: Sontaran etiquette lessons are taken seriously… there were extended stretches where it seemed everyone was holding their breath!


Four full sessions at Northlands starting at the same time made for an interesting dynamic.


Every screen at Nova was playing it at 11am and every one of them was full.


Yeah, 19 sessions at Nova today!



3D was pointless, but it was fun at the cinema regardless. Big reactions for:


* the Sontaran etiquette guide

* Tennant got a few squees upon first appearance in the other pre-show segment -- thank goodness the shippers were cut off at the knees by Bille Piper's different role!

* old-school credits (but why did they remove/fix "OHO"?)

* most of the first Smith/Tennant meeting

* Hurt every single time he dissed the kids


* Tennant's "I will be right back"

* EDIT: Capaldi's eyebrows

* Tom's voice


John Hurt smashed it out of the park.


​P.S. Has anyone worked out who the hell is coming out of the painting at the same time as Clara?????


That bit with Clara and the odd hand is just her I think. Same rings. But it's a weird angle for her wrist and all.


My screening didn't go too over the top for Tom's reappearance though. But they reacted in all the right places. It's possible I may have screamed like a ***** at Capaldi's eyebrows.


10.2 million overnight viewers -- so could be the highest ratings during the new series. Voyage of the Damned (13.31 final figure) is the only one that might hold out.


There seems to be a feeling it'll pick up 3 million more on timeshift and such so it might yet win...


Where can I read a nerds blog about all the references, explanations (Old Tom was cool, but...) or best guesses and other things I may have missed?