Draft predictions

Ok, I can’t see a thread. And predictions get lost in the draft watch thread.

We have picks 4 (to become 5), 22 (who knows what it ends up) plus a bit more that will likely become Daveys

So you are asked

  1. Who do you think we’ll get
  2. Who do you want
  3. Who do you think is a left field take (ie not linked to us at this point) who will definitely make it
  4. Anything else that you want to add to be recorded for posterity

My take

I think we’ll get :
4/5. Tsatas
22. Cowan
Pass for SSP
Rookie B Munkara

I would like
McKenzie/Hewitt/Davey/Davey/SSP/Munkara (and an extra pick next year)

Left field was the McKenzie/Hewitt combo, but I also quite like Jefferson as a KP option, and I rate Charlie Clarke as someone I think will defy his draft ranking

For posterity: I don’t think this will be a particularly strong draft when we look back. Tsatas and Phillipou both appear good prospects, but there’s parts that worry me with both of them, same with Humphrey and Ginbey. They could all be amazing, or they could just never take the next step. My big call is that a couple of those guys just fade away, and that McKenzie and J Clarke have better careers, I just don’t know which of that 4 it will be!

  1. I think we’ll take Tsatas, we’ll get both Davey’s and likely Munkara

  2. Want Phillipou at pick 4(5), if we get another pick before the Davey bid hoping Hewett will be available… ambitious but would also like weddle, konstanty or George if they’re still available

  3. Left field option would have to say either Humphrey or Jhye Clarke

  4. Honestly think whoever we don’t take out of Phillipou or Tsatas will be a star. Can just imagine Tsatas sliding to Geelong and absolutely flourishing in their system. Feeling like if we take Tsatas he’ll be solid contributor but get lost in our midfield unit as it seems he has similar traits/skills to others. On the other hand, if it’s Phillipou, I feel like it’s superstar or bust. Has the potential to stand out and be a real point of difference, but could also be just as likely to be all talk no show. For what it’s worth, I hope he makes it, and I think he will. Would have bigger regrets passing on him if he makes it than passing on Tsatas if he makes it

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I think we’ll get Tsatas, Davey Jnr, Munkara, J.Davey and have one spot free for SSP.

I would love to get Phillipou, Hewett/George, Davey Jnr, Gallagher, J.Davey with Munkara going Cat B.

Left field would be some kind of trade combination where we get the Melbourne first rounders (x3) and then use one and 22 to move up to still get Phillipou while keeping the two future ones.

For posterity - and as I’ve maintained all year - I think Phillipou ends up the best in the draft.

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My prediction is it will last at least one day too long.



Jono will be disappointed that we drafted private school boys instead of public school boys.

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How can you be disappointed when you expect it?

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  1. Tsatas and Hayes cos Cal is usually right.

  2. McKenzie and Hewett or Burgiel

  3. NFI

  4. If Melbourne remove the pick 22 requirement then we should take that deal and pick Jefferson or Hewett



5: Tsatas (gun. Always wanted him)
23: Gruzewski (mid sized defender/forward)


Nothing surer than us taking Tsatas with our 1st pick.

I’m concerned with the SA go home factor, so we take Tsatas… I do not want to trade out this pick…

Also, hate to say it, but why wouldn’t rival clubs bid on Alwyn early and spoil our plans to use our pick 22?.. Could we not match a bid on him perhaps or?..

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Has to come from a good family and is a future captain

This is what I don’t get. We are matching the bid for Davey basically wherever it comes. If I’m an opposition team with a pick in the teens/early 20’s it’s an absolute no brainer to bid on Davey.

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Especially when Dodos best mate McCartney has 3 picks in the teens.

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Would wce do 8-12 for 4-22?
Just they are assured of getting there man gibney at 4 before hawks

Teams always think twice about making an early bid on a F/S or NGA, as recruiters have long memories & it likely will come back to bite them. This plus the fact clubs spend less time looking at players they are unlikely to get (ie. Lack of Interviews - increases risk there is an issue they don’t know about), is the reason why most F/S and NGA players drift in the draft.

Noting that I have no inside information & have not seen any of them live, so based on body language and limited footage. Getting off the fence it feels like:
Pick 4 - Philipou;
Pick 22 - Barnett (think George & Hewitt will be gone in the 5 picks before us).
Pick match - Davey Jnr;
Late pick - Davey;
Rookie Cat B - Munkara
Leaves a pick open.

We will find out soon tonight. I will support whoever comes to the club. Go Dons!

  1. I think we will get the Tsatas.
  2. I want the Pou
  3. Max Gruzewski (love the name)
  4. No one actually knows who’s gonna be a gun or not. Just don’t take a deal from other clubs that ■■■■■■ up so badly last year, they wanna make some other club feel worse this year.
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I think we will take pick 4. Which is pick 5 apparently.

Yep. Definitely one of those.

  1. Tsatas with pick 4(5).
  2. Tsatas, Humphrey or Phillipou.
  3. Bailey Humphrey at 4.
  4. Someone bids on Davey before 22 - probably GWS.
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