Draftee vs Draftee

Irving Mosquito
Noah Gown
Brayden Ham
Tuth Jok Jok

All the boys have our best wishes, but whose bandwagon are you jumping on? With your limited knowledge, which lad are you backing in to be the 200 gamer? Rank them in order of most likely to succeed.

I don’t really mind how you go about it. But jump on board a bandwagon without ■■■■■■■ all over the others, and we’ll see where this leads us.

To puns I imagine.

No bandwagon for me. l will happily push the cart of all four. At this stage all 4 look likely lads, more so than those on the fringes taken a year or so earlier. So, there is more heat is on Mynott, and Clarke, Mutch, etc, l expect that heat to rise, and not just because we are coming into summer.


Not sure he will but I really want Gown to make it.

Has cult hero potential

I’ve allways thought Joe’s best foil would be a hulking contested forward. Brown and Stewart aren’t that and as for Smack I just don’t know if he can consistently do it.

A late starter anyway a couple of years of development might end up with a bargain.


It would be a band wagon of Brobdingnagian proportions, but I am on Mozzie’s.

Mozzie will have everyone on his wagon.

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Its hard to go past the Mosquito, I can’t wait to watch him play with all his excitement and enthusiasm. But the player who has all the athleticism in the world, plus a great height and a good head on his shoulders is Jok Jok. I think he is going to be a star. But I’m with CJ, I’m hopeful and support all four.


Irving will be Irving and if he lives up to half the expectations and hype around him then he’ll be on another level entirely.

But Gown is the pick from the rest. He’s got that Jake Carlisle feel about him and I reckon he could turn into a rampant KPP.


I want to say Ham, just because no-one else will.

But how can anyone go past Mosquito?

G, delete your post and…



Who will play the most games next year?

I reckon Ham will play one game.

The rest zero.

Mozzies like ham, don’t they?

You aren’t telling porkies, are you?

No, piggie yokes.

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  1. Mozzie. X Factor ! Check the Urban Dictionary; now its called Mozzie factor.
    2 Ham. utility player like a Selleys product, can be used to seal gaps in most places. Look out Guelfi.
  2. Jok. Will be flying up and down the wings all day like some latter day Stants.
  3. Gown. Keep your puns about gowns in house rather than wearing them out.

Or is that the Mozzie fucktor? … Certainly did for Hawthorn!

Anyone think, just maybe Jok might have the potential to make a good ruckman? Certainly has a brilliant leap.

1 Gown i can see him being a Josh Kennedy type forward. If he does that it would be hard to go pass.
2 Mosquito see in similar vein to AMT and Cyril think he could be a 100-200 game player.
3 jok jok has potential could be anything or nothing thInking Daryl White/Jarred Brennan here, Really like how well he spoke seems grounded.
4 Ham like his hard work approach and athletic attributes, could be a handy wingman or a utility.

Next year mosquito should get the most games.the others need more development to play there roles.

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Back in the day we operated with 2 different types of ruckmen in the 60s. Geoff Leek was a giant ( 194cm ) lumbering tap ruckman who could not or did not need to jump, then Don McKenzie ( 188cm ) was a real mobile type who jumped over the top of Nicholls, Farmer and the rest and spiked the ball 50 yards forward. Jok is only 193 cm, he would need to be the Don McKenzie type.

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Reckon Mossie plays about 5 this year, none of the others play more than a couple.
Not fussed about it at all.