Dreamtime Game Tickets

Heads up for those looking to go to Dreamtime game. I think it’s almost dolour. Currently selling residual reserved seats level 4 and restricted viewing in the public enclosures. Pretty sure almost all gone. Remaining would be AFL / MCC enclosures.

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Dont think ill be going even tho richmond are crap essendon cant be trusted on the big stage


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Its not weak everytime i went to dreamtime,country game,anzac day the team lets me down

The thought of losing to them for a 14th time and hearing from their supporters is too much to bare

Footy no longer giving you joy? That’s sad.

Luckily I have my ticket for that night already.


If we lose to Richmond again, i’m BANing myself from Blitz for the week.

I’m not even half joking.
The Match Day and Review threads will be all time !


We’ll get ready. It’ll probably happen.

AFL Hasn’t given me enjoyment for a long time. I hardly watch neutral game at all anymore and when we look se I don’t watch any of the remaining fixtures in that round

Who the ■■■■ wants tickets to the shitfest that’ll be Essington vs Cooked Richmond

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Well, if those Tigers players are going to come into a game feeling confident, its this one.
It won’t matter how much margin Geelong put on them this week.


You just know we’re sending Martin back to peak 2017-2020 Martin mode.

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That’s because they haven’t sacked Dodoro isn’t it?

Rids will be back and maybe even Reid.

We’ll win this one and it will make up for a lot of the pain from the prison bar games.

Fark I hate the Tigs.

To be reasonable, they’ve been good in patches. Pretty good in losses to Demons / Bulldogs. Hi hum winners last week. Will find it hard this week against Geelong. When is big Ivan and Lynch back? If they come back in they’ll turn it around. They’re a decent side, just missing key players and confidence.

By the same token, Essendon aren’t going much better and from here, Richmond has far greater scope for improvement short term.

He returned to form last weekend tbh. Was pretty good against Eagles and pretty close to breaking out I think.

No, I won’t give the club a cent until Dodoro is gone.
Once he goes I’ll buy memberships again but still unlikely to attend many


Reid no chance. They’re going to have to be really careful and cautious with him. He won’t play footy matches for at least month, no matter how minor his hamstring injury.

They have to get him right for an uninterrupted preseason, even if that costs him games this year. No sugar hit gains by playing him in a hurry.

Only to get injured again during the pre season

Kid is Gumbleton 2.0

Be lucky to get 65k after both teams get walloped this weekend.

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