Dreamtime Scheduling

With potential lockdown looming and the possibility it will last into early / mid next week, it would make logical sense to bring forward the Essendon / Richmond scheduled bye to next week, meaning Dreamtime is pushed back by a week.

This means Essendon won’t have the added pressure of having its preparation impacted by a possible delay in returning to Melbourne from Perth (1) and allows the marquee fixture to still have the hope of hosting a strong crowd as the city by then will hopefully be emerging from the pending lockdown (2). In doing so protecting a lucrative financial result for the club(s).

It will be interesting to see what happens here.

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you’re expecting both logic and sense from the AFL, that’s a big ask.


I wonder whether instead of staggering the byes over three weeks as planned they’d have a competition wide bye next week to buy some time for things to settle down and then re-jig the fixture.

Darwin for mine


I just heard that this week’s match between the Suns and Hawks in Darwin is done. Have to make it up later in the season.

Will be a massive financial hit to the two clubs If not at the MCG which they will clearly want to avoid if at all possible.

Don’t care. Culturally it’s better in Darwin


Totally agree. Last year was amazing.


Never heard something so stupid before, members pay big money to see home games. Two of the biggest Victorian clubs and our second biggest game of the year not available for the fans to watch is ludicrous.


Dreamtime is about celebrating and giving back. Not tokenism to suck off the members.


Play the dreamtime match in Tassie

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Oh true you’re 100% correct should be held qt our home ground marvel


If the games at Canberra you can see it with the sco

Which I reckon ol mate matty voted for

Scomo? That’s a hard no.

youd just know he’d wear a tigers hat.

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Hope it’s still played at the mcg. Hopefully the lockdown( if one happens) is finished by then

Or FC. More likely he’d barrack for them.

Something about it being deemed a bye for them

Do people actually think there will be a lock down and then move straight back to 85% capacity crowds?