Drug Mules


The person could have owned up and said the Corby was unaware that the goods were put in her bag. True or not, it would have been the right thing to do. I was an unwitting mule once. A so called mate and I were travelling Melb to Perth and it was not until we got to our accommodation that he retrieved his ounce in a rolled up pair of socks from MY luggage. His explanation was that he was in a better financial position to help me out of trouble rather than the other way around. What a ■■■■■■. I hope he is dead.


So how true is the "Sins of the father" which implies they were running drugs that her father and his mate were growing?


I just came here for the pics... better check to see if she isnt carrying contraband there..


Speaking of mules, the original and still the best has returned...


Which one? Barlow or Chambers? And fark me that's a fine effort!


Barlow and Chambers were the support act.


Just hanging around waiting.

What was the difference between Mrs Barlow and Allan Border?
Mrs Barlow got to come home with the Ashes.


Sorry if it's already been used, but on the way home from the airport, Schapelle's done some shopping at the local Coles.

Going through the self-serve checkout, she sees "Unexpected item in bagging area". "Oh, ■■■■■, not again!"


Can someone remind me: Did Barlow go before chambers or was it neck and neck?


You were just hangin' to say that weren't you


Neck minnut


The gall owf that reply!


They couldn't get Chambers's body back into the country because of a conflict of details in his passport. The passport said he was 182cm but the body was 191cm.


You could say they were well and truly knoted.


Did they hang out at Noosa?


We're setting the bar low now.


Is this the time for gallows-humour?


And when that Vietnamese guy got strung, ten minutes later, there were posts of the Hangman game with

--N N--Y-N


In the sixties, seventies and eighties, it was a common way of shifting weed etc, from Victoria to Queensland and from Q to Victoria through airports rather than by road, GC, Brisbane and Sydney. People would sell from both ends using travel baggage and boards and the bag handlers would unpack and distribute.

I don't think she knew what she was carrying and I wonder, if it was in the board bag was meant for Sydney but someone got "jumpy" and let it ride. The rest is history.