Drug Mules


her lawyers are abreast of the situation


They're racked with worry.


A storm in a d cup if you ask me


How CAN you? The case is rigged.




Was splashed over the front of the Hun and all over channel 9 twitter feed etc.


If she thought the headphones were Beats, she deserves a lengthy sentence.


Which is exactly the reason I go nowhere near anything Murdoch or Nein!


Shes had her fair share of knockers


But she keeps beavering away


So the story is someone sent her abroad?


True, its quite a titillating situation


What are the odds a personal trainer could meet someone involved in drug importation. Not likely you say. You haven't been to the gym for a long time l'd say.


Friends of mine from her home town said she left in a hurry after a lot money went missing from a gym. Plenty of people want to catch up with Cas.


This is someone that clearly has a very, very low level of intelligence. It's also pretty clear that her family has not provided her with the best chance of success in life (I'm being kind). From that perspective I feel a little sorry for her.

It is what it is though. Jail beckons.




According to the media the owner of the property and the father of the ex boyfriend both said she didn't owe money to either of them.


More of your judgemental tripe.

You have no farking idea on this girl, leave her alone.


Five Eight Zero Zero Eight


Thanks. Slipped while trying to rotate my monitor and now it is busted.