Duck Duck Gleese?

Cannot believe that the example chosen from the Ess-North game was of Marty Gleeson?? How about that Thomas flog?

"AFL introduces new rule against ducking

June 1, 2015 - 9:35PM

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Caroline Wilson and Matt Murnane

AFL general manager of football operations Mark Evans

AFL general manager of football operations Mark Evans Photo: Mal Fairclough

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The AFL has taken the radical step of introducing a mid-season rule change after concerns that players were willingly risking head injuries by ducking into contests.

Football operations boss Mark Evans on Monday wrote to the 18 clubs to alert them to the change that will see free kicks awarded against players leading with their heads. The change will take place from round 10 and follows an impassioned argument by Richmond’s Brendon Gale at last month’s chief executives’ meeting.

Gale’s view was reinforced during the North Melbourne-Essendon game in round seven when Bomber Martin Gleeson led with his head into a contest with North’s Sam Gibson, prompting Gale to voice his fears via social media about serious injury risk.

A fortnight ago, umpires boss Wayne Campbell clarified the competition’s concerns, stressing that the umpires were not concerned with the practice of players dropping their knees or shrugging and receiving free kicks but more with the issue of protecting heads and necks when footballers led into tackles or contests.

Campbell said then of a potential rule change: “It is an option. It is an extreme option, but it’s certainly raised by some people. We need to disincentivise someone trying to draw a free-kick through searching with their head for contact.”

Evans said the umpiring department, headed by Campbell and head coach Hayden Kennedy, had been consulting all club football departments in recent weeks.

“The onus is on the tackler to tackle the player with the ball legally. What we have begun to see in the game is the player with the ball driving his head toward a tackler or leaning into a tackler in order to receive a free-kick,” Evans said.

“The change of interpretation that will be immediately enacted from this weekend of matches … requires the player with the ball to not contribute to high contact by driving or leading with his head into a tackling player.”

Under the changes:

■ Any movement where a player drives or leads with their head into a stationary or near-stationary tackler will be deemed as a drive and will be umpired as the player with the ball having had “prior opportunity”.

■ The player must immediately kick or handball or a free kick for holding the ball, under the prior opportunity rule, will be paid against him.

Evans said the tackling player will still be required not to be reckless or indiscriminate with his approach to the player with the ball.

Campbell appeared on Fox Footy on Monday night to explain the interpretation change, with Collingwood coach Nathan Buckley and Melbourne counterpart Paul Roos present to quiz him on the issue.

At one point, Buckley asked Campbell whether the change would make the rule easier or harder to enforce, to which he replied: "Harder, it’s easier to be consistent when you just pay the high contact.

“But there has been a groundswell to change,” he added.

That groundswell had come, Campbell said, from coaches such as Hawthorn’s Alastair Clarkson and Sydney’s John Longmire.

Campbell said their views and those of other key figures in the industry had been put to the laws of the game committee, who then “unanimously” endorsed the changes the AFL detailed on Monday.

Campbell said a key element umpires had to guard against in light of the change was ensuring that the onus on the tackler was the same as it had been in the previous nine rounds.

“What we can’t have with this interpretational change is for there to be open season on the guy with the ball,” he said.

“What we are looking for with the tackler is that they have planted their feet, so that means they won’t be moving forward into the player with the ball.”

Campbell said the AFL hoped the change would tighten up the “loose interpretation” to the head-high rule that the league introduced 18 months ago, an interpretation which umpires used to pay just one free-kick for the entire 2014 season.

Gale is a flog.

And What about Brad Scott? Isn’t he getting spine surgery this week? Probably injured himself training players how to duck.

Look at who wrote the article, before being surprised at all.

Even the article on the AFL site basically said that the rule was being changed because of Thomas.

Will be interesting to see how Selwood goes under the new rules on the weekend though…

On talking footy Watson showed Lindsay Thomas being tackled by melksham when they discussed the rule change.

Both the thread title and the OP’s username deserve Kudos.

Wayne Campbell can GAGF.

Look at who wrote the article, before being surprised at all.

Even the article on the AFL site basically said that the rule was being changed because of Thomas.

Will be interesting to see how Selwood goes under the new rules on the weekend though…

there’s an article on the afl website with an interview with hayden kennedy i think it is, anyway he said Selwood’s actions are ok, so he’ll be fine.

The lowering your body and pushing players arms up tactic is still allowed. leading with your head supposedly in anyway shape or form is out.

Wayne Campbell can GAGF.

x 1000.

Also, they’ll do anything to make anything about Essendon.

I was sure Gale’s comment was about Thomas. ■■■ ths sht.

So the rule change won’t target bending the knees or shrugging even though both draw high contact… Then what the **** does it do then!!!

■■■■■■ hell. Go to 2:25 in the video in this link. Sorry, not sure how to embed a video, but follow the link.

This is going to cause a fair bit of angst and bewilderment amongst supporters. Specifically @ 2:25.
They are going to pay that holding the ball against Geary. What the hell??? What is he supposed to do, he just picked it up!? AFL ■■■■■■■■ themselves about litigation/ potential injury. That is waaaay to harsh on the guy picking up the ball.I agree he shouldn’t get the free for high contact but it should be play on.

How about that flog Dylan Grimes extending his arm out under the tackler and lifting up when tackled, forcing the tacklers arm into his head and claiming high contact… Are they going to address that bullshit as well?

Wait, what the hell does this rule change? Both Thomas and Grimes will still get away with their bullshit with this rule.

Ohhh they brought up the Grimes one, carry on

Richmond fan who hates Essendon writes article getting Richmond person to single out Essendon player for doing something bad to the game.

Ohhh they brought up the Grimes one, carry on

So is that a free or not?

As far as I’m concerned if they are still paying frees to selwood they are wrong.

Every player should be encouraged to get their hands up and over the tackle like jobe, take the tackle on ffs, stop this bs of getting the ump to beat your opponent for you

I found this picture of Grimes in action. It’s
just blatant, isn’t it?

Wait, what the hell does this rule change? Both Thomas and Grimes will still get away with their bullshit with this rule.


And remember:

Rushing behind rule change: Slattery is the first player pinged for a legitamently rushed/underpressure situation.
Diving “rule”: Jetta, one of the only players ever pinged/(suspended video evidence?) for something players are still getting away with every week.

Wait for the first implementation of this “rule”, to go against Michael Hurley for taking a pack mark.

Any others. Oh yeah, not game rules, but the change to the priority pick rule the first year Essendon is eligible for one.

I see what the AFL are trying to do and I agree in principle. It stops the situation where the defender does the right thing… stops but the bloke dives at his knees or head butts him in the stomach.

For mine they also need to get the ‘shruggers’ too. I like the concept that if you do anything to initiate head high contact it is ‘play on’ and counts are prior opportunity. So you have the option to still shrug in an attempt to avoid the tackler… but you don’t get a free kick and you run the risk of getting HTB against you. Would make it a legitimate test of strength imho whilst eliminating the ducking aspect.

Or just eliminate head high contact as a free kick for anything other than clear and deliberate actions that hit the head with force. So not a hand brush as part of pack but coat hangers, illegal spoils, late chops, swinging arms, elbows etc etc…

Pretty sure Roger Merrett got done for ‘time wasting’ by hitting the ball out of a ruck contest.

Not to mention the change in tripping charges since fletch gone done plenty if times

Reckon Benny Gale ever sees his own office, in between media promos, radio slots, speaking appearances, and courses that someone else pays for?