DUI Tiger Woods

Awesome mugshot

TIGER Woods was busted on a DUI charge in Florida overnight after police pulled him over for driving erratically — and he refused to take a breath test and behaved arrogantly, according to a report.

The golfing superstar faces losing a big chunk of his $62m a year sponsorship over the incident.

His current girlfriend Kristin Smith reacted to Woods latest dramas by bursting into tears and saying: “I knew it, I knew it,” according to TMZ.

Dashcam footage of the incident is expected to be released by authorities.

Smith reportedly found out about the incident while shopping at a Neiman Marcus store in Dallas. She is said to have spend $6723 in the store after crying and then left.

Woods, who lives on Jupiter Island, was arrested around 3am after police saw him driving a 2015 Mercedes “erratically, all over the road,” law enforcement sources told TMZ .

Smelling alcohol on Woods’ breath, an officer asked the golfer, who was acting “arrogant,” to take a Breathalyzer test, but he refused, the site reported.

In Florida, refusing to take a breath test leads to an automatic arrest and the suspension of a driver’s license.

Woods’ reps called police repeatedly to ask if the arresting cop had a bodycam, TMZ reported.

Woods was sprung from the Palm Beach County Jail on his own recognisance shortly before 11am.


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He used to be a clean cut “poster boy” the media would have loved Tomic and Kyrgios to be.
oh the mighty have fallen.
Still loved the old Tiger woods xbox golf game.

Lol. Tiger be ■■■■ faced.


■■■■ I hate this ghoulish celebrity hunter ■■■■.


Big deal.

Who hasn’t been stopped for DUI and refused to take the test ? And I cannot even play golf.

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Get the ■■■■ out. So was I! Only just got home. I didnt see her… media lies again.

Go Tiger, hit monster mf rock bottom, all the while still pulling in a cool 60m per year for zero. Epic.

I still love him.


Golf is still boring.


I’m just glad he’s not dead.

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Golf is actually kind of awesome, if you have the time.
When you have the best in the world playing in a title that matter on a challenging course, its engrossing.
Beats the ■■■■ out of soccer.




You need to live a little IT.

I didn’t lose my licence when it got to court either !

I’d feel a lot safer with Bacchus off the road.


You can be pulled over for being ■■■■ at golf now?


Golf is brilliant. I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t like it. It requires extraordinary skill, patience and devotion. It’s harder to master golf than any other sport on earth, IMO. I am extremely skeptical and suspicious of people who don’t appreciate it.

Woods was an absolute genius. In the best handful of sportspersons of all time, in any sport. No matter what has happened in his life since, he has my utmost respect for that.

I saw him play at the Presidents Cup (about a week before everything went down with his wife) and it was the best thing ever. Like seeing Superman in the flesh (yes I’m aware that Superman isn’t real, allegedly).

Just because something requires skill to do doesn’t mean it ain’t boring as hell


Now now, dont get all snarky just because you have poor taste

hence why i don’t drink and drive, living is easier that way