Dumb Questions Amnesty


So if you have to go the next step you’re not a human.


The real answer is, ‘AI’ is just a name. ‘Intelligence’ is not (excuse the pun) a binary option. If by ‘AI’ you mean ‘human-like intelligence’, then we are nowhere near it yet. Everything we currently have is machine learning, algorithms, pattern recognition. There is no sentience. When we get to the stage where we have true machine sentience, things like the check-boxes you are talking about will not be a thing.


I watch sci fi movies

When we reach singularity we are ■■■■■■.


I love Sci-fi also.
Look up a series of books by Greg Benford - Rivers of Light (sci-fi), I think they are called. He is a physicist (I’ve had a chat to him about his books actually) - really good reading on the subject.


What’s the joke/story with 2 METER PETER?



Meter and Peter rhyme.

Pretty sure that’s the extent of it.


Why does my Raspberry yoghurt have Purple carrot concentrate in it?


It’s a dye.

Natural food colours are often foods themselves.

Turmeric for yellow is another.


Yep. Beetroot is often used too.

Cochineal is another Natural food colouring (Red) & is made from crushed beetles, found in Skittles and heaps of other stuff.




Some people have a fixation with anything to do with size, or length.


And scotty21 dreams of a 6’6” male appendage.


I think its Peter Crouch’s nick name.

Hence the soccer fans use of it.


Why do body-builders walk like that?


whats wrong with it


It’s usually the size to their thighs, back and arms that give them that peculiar gait.
When I was a serious gym junkie, although not at Donnington standard, my son said I walked like I had a set of golf clubs under each arm.


Aside from muscles being tight and full of lactic acid, they also like looking big :slight_smile:


I used to work with a guy who walked like that, and we called him “carpet fitter”.


So…credit score websites are just an information trawling scam, right?