Dumb Questions Amnesty


I’d like to see the size of that nail.


Who is the biggest Dickface “Writenothingoodaboutus” Twomey or “Doesn’thava” McClure?


Habib, Pls.


Callum Twomey is well-known to be an Essendon fan but sangashortofapicnic wouldn’t know his rear end from his arm joint.


Why do they give the temp on the weather but then say it feels like another temperature.
Also, does the acc need to be involved in this.


Where has @Sameolds2010 been for 2 years? And why?


Clinically fed up.
I got better.


Lewis Black has a good routine on this. Worth looking up.


Does anyone really want/need to have whatever the hell the voice activated google device is in their house?

If it’s anything like Siri it’s a waste of time.




Ok Google… please go and kill Siri


They also provide a chance for Amazon/google to monitor your conversations automatically. US police are already trying to access these recordings.


I’ve had access to Siri since day 1 and never used it once.


I won’t stand for anti-Twomey posting on Blitz.


Its called apparent temp (the subjective weather) and the BOM measures it as well. I think the weatherman quote the real (objective) temp from the BOM… but in the USA i think they quote the apparent temp… but might want to check on the USA thing…

The apparent temp takes windchill into the factor i believe… you might have heard of the wet bulb index… they mention it at the Australian open ■■■■■■ every year.


Is playing the “youth” the same as “tanking” when it becomes mathematically impossible to make the finals?


It’s the interpretation of the intent that counts.


I’ve often wondered about this


It’s to do with mouse movements, when/how you press that button.

Robots follow specific rules. Humas are adhock.


Well there you go

I didn’t think there was a real answer