Dumb Questions Amnesty


I am probably going to head along to a local beekeepers group to see if someone can come out and give some on site advice.
Weather hopefully won’t be an issue…fingers crossed.
I’ll give an update once it’s up and running


I don’t despise any blitzers


Australian cricketers then


My guys are well settled in now, in a hive like this one they built on River Cottage Oz, … a Kenyan top bar.

These are considered in the Bee Community as the ultimate in natural Bee friendly keeping and harvesting. The “Beez Kneez” if you will, … :smirk:

Just hanging for this Spring to get rolling and for them to feast on freshly blossomed Melaleuca and Blue Gums before a harvest.

But just a word of caution to you Mex,… the Flow Hive, … while an amazing invention of convenience, and an incredible story of Aussie ingenuity, which folk can catch up on here …

…, is unfortunately very frowned upon by much of the Bee Keeping mob, particularly in the Permaculture World, . and I’m talking from mild disdain, to quite feral levels, … so maybe just suss out where they stand on them before asking them around,… they might turn up just to smash it. ( Yes, this has actually happened)


That’s an impressive looking unit. I’m hoping if this 1st trial works well I will build a few more hives myself and that looks like a decent model.

I have heard rhey can be an eccentric and passionate mob so I’ll sound them out first. Cheers for the heads up.


Whats the law with car horn usage? Wife and I were having a chat about the fact that people use them as part of their road rage (e.g people cutting in or pulling out in front of them). Is it a fineable offence if caught?

As far as I am aware they are allowed to be used to alert of danger…


I once saw the rapper Ghostface killah, selling counterfeits of his own t-shirts for this reason. He’d just toured through Asia and bought a bunch of knock offs of his own stuff cheaper than he could get it printed and then sold it at the shows. Win/Win.


Surely you’re allowed to use them to signify displeasure at someone turning in front of you, or pulling out of a parking spot, or for doing 60-70 in a 100 zone.

Hardly road rage.


I like to think of it as me performing a social service by alerting them to the imminent danger of them about to be farking rammed.



Just looked at the rules and laws with horns:

Can use only use as a safety or warn road users or animals of the approach of other vehicles.

Or if its attached to anti theft device or alcohol antilock.

The penalty is a loss of 1 demerit point if police deem the use of your car horn doesn’t fit these.


That would cover most situations - no use tooting them after you have passed them.


So foreplay?




Just verbally abuse them instead. Problem solved. Works when people are tooting at you when they shouldn’t be either :no_mouth:


Fun fact.
The moon gets moonquakes.

Caused by the gravitational pull of the earth. Usually caused during high tides.


If I deserved to get tooted, i blush and acknowledge my error.


Blush like when you eat half a kilo of one of your hot Indian curries?


If a curry makes your face go red, then you’re a wuss, a wimp and worthy of having sand kicked in your face.




Just looking at Google Maps today and this thought occured to me:
Why is the Melbourne CBD grid aligned at one angle, but the rest of Melbourne is generally aligned at a different angle?

I can understand the Melbourne CBD grid angle since it looks like it’s more in line with the Yarra, but it would have been more logical to me if the rest of Melbourne followed along with the CBD grid.