Dumb Questions Amnesty

What the fark is the point of those moving green light zones in the Burnley tunnel, and how much did we pay for this nonsense?!

I was wondering the same thing, and one of my kids (too young to drive) said it was to keep you from speeding.

The lights move at exactly 80kmh!!!

Only other place I’ve seen this is at Chicago airport where they funnel everyone through these halls and lights making you keep move forward.

from what i understand, it’s to encourage people to speed up and drive at 80kmh - people have been tending to slow down without realising it, which adds to the congestion. By keeping pace with the lights it will help ease that. That’s the idea anyway!


It doesn’t work…

Every time I’ve been through , we crawl along at 40 km / hr and the green lights overtake us. Ridiculous.


Looking to hire a car… one option is all electric. WHich happens to be sixty buck a day more expensive, so they are really encouraging people to make more plant food.

Not having used an electric car before, can they be charged from a “normal” house with normal electric connections? If not does the hire car company provide some sort of adaptor to do this? Or must I go for a fossil-fuel burning standard car?

You can…but charging is really slow. I suspect they would supply at least a CCS2 charger for use at any Type 2 AC or DC commercial charger.

I’d go the cheaper option that uses dead dinosaurs. Especially if it’s your first EV experience, avoid the ‘hassle’ of having to charge etc.

(Unless it’s just a couple of short trips)

Also, I reckon they will have to sting people for not ripping up the battery, more so than they do with petrol.

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Hey Blitz

I’m looking at changing careers but don’t know where to start. Would any of you happen to know of (or be) a good careers counsellor?


You need to do the work first. Work out where your passion lies and what transferable skills you already have. Then decide how you will address any skill gaps.

Then I’d have a chat with a recruitment consultant. I know a very good one if you’re interested.

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If people knew this there’d be no need for careers counsellors. Appreciate your response but it’s more complicated than that.

It is. But you have to start somewhere. The more work you do yourself the clearer the way forward will become.

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Has anyone ever needed to find someone from many years ago?

I have an old work colleague that has our domain password from 20 years ago!
Our host is shutting down and we need the password to access to domain and point it elsewhere.

So I have her name and address from 20 years ago.
It’s a very common name so you can’t find her on Facebook or LinkdIn.

Any ideas? Can you search electoral roles or anything?

Hire a PI

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Not that it helps.
I found a notepad at the office with a guys name in it, and all his passwords and login details for all the platforms we use at work, including the one that access his payroll and his teams payroll.


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Dumb question but how much do people generally spend on a tube of toothpaste?

I realised id been suckered into buying this toothpaste for $5.50 when its on special at half price.

Retails at 11 dollars a TUBE. The thing is noone pays 11 dollars for a tube of freaking toothpaste

What i realised is that toothpaste, they anchor your expectations on fancy ones.

Because they know that everyone will stock up on 5.50 toothpaste when they are on special.

If they were always $5.50 I wouldnt probably spend that much.

Id spend the 3.50 or whatever it is for the Cedel.

Smart buggers those toothpaste executives.

I guess thats why colgate palmolive is so big.

They hire the psychos that know how to fool the dumb bastards posting in a football chat at 11.30 at night who have just realised something brushing their teeth.

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2 for $7 on sale is the bargain.

But it’s gotta be the big tube.

Pffft. Toothpaste. Just use vinegar and baking soda. I mean it’s a bit foamy and caustic, and your breath smells like off fishnchips. But you get used to it.

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DM me their deets if you want. I have access to a few databases used for skip-tracing

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Toothpaste and toothbrushes are way overpriced, for what you get.

I’ve noticed at the reject shop and places like that they often have pretty decent options for cheap.

But heaps of stuff is having those crazy price fluctuations. Arnotts shapes are the classic. I’m a week it can go from half price, 2 for price of one, 30% off to 20% off.

And the price has gone up while the package size has gone down.