Dumb Questions Amnesty


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Yep certainly looks like it, so what’s it doing here Million year old fossil

NOT a fossil, but potentially an artefact. Worth getting a professional opinion. IDK if obsidian is even found in your state.

when I found it as a 7 year old I thought Santa truly delivered coal, it’s not coal though, it’s very heavy

Thats Dylan shiel- so cooked he’s turned into petrified stone.

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How does it feel in your hand? Does it have a good “heft”? Do you think you could use it to cut up an animal carcass? Sorry if you are vegetarian :wink: but that looks like it could have been its purpose if it was man-made.

Looks like the type of rock that has no business being there. Keep digging and there might be a tin with 1000 dollars in it.


Thanks, for all your dumb answers, thanks @Koala for a good one

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Mrs Fox is right into crystals and I went with her to this massive crystal shop in Ravenhall before the footy on Saturday.

While she was buying out the place I just wandered around looking at all these crystals and was feeling very calm. My resting pulse rate is usually around 70, but strangely it was down to about 50. It was just a little weird to feel so calm.

Do crystals actually have such an effect ?

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There’s a field up near Buxton, right next to a stone wall…


yep, its obsidian. Forms from rapid cooling of lava. The rapid cooling means the crystals are super small hence the glass like appearance. Normally, when lava cools it forms basalt or what we Victorians call bluestone which has been used as a building material.

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There’s your problem right there…

Give us a Q4, post game and average heart rate for the week.

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Should telehealth appointments that go for 8 minutes and dont involve a prescription be bulkbilled or am I being a tightarse?

They aren’t, unfortunately, as you’re still using the doctor’s time.

Yeah, I noticed, but should they be?

They might be bulk billed come September when Medicare funding changes come into being, and to answer your question, yes, they should be.

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Fair enough. I wasn’t rude but did call the fee into question. Luckily, they came to the party.

Healthcare in this country’s a joke. Sick of being shaken down. At least we’re not the US.

When the bulk billing stopped, I spoke to a doctor I know, and he recommended all sorts of changes to medicare. One being how to stop some unscrupulous doctors needlessly ringing dozens of their patients and then claiming those calls on Medicare… Doctors rorting the system…?? No way!! Um yes way. The government has difficulties on their hands preventing illegal stuff like that, so there isnt a simple solution such as “just pour more funds into medicare”.

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Not yet, but the Tories have been trying very hard to return our health care system to be like what the US has.

It’s not well policed at all

I’m sure some surgeons are charging us for about 27 hours of work a day.