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Aldi chocolate or Whittakers everythign else from a supermarket is ■■■■

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I’m pretty happy to shell out for this deal:

They have the plain and the dark too

Lindt red is the one you want.

Anecdotal, of course, but I distinctly remember coming to Aus and being amazed at the sheer number of people with fillings and/or bad teeth - I came from Europe with no fluoride in the water.

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Hi sugar diet

Hey, sweetie!


I must start reading what I write. Just slide the thumb around the keyboard

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I have always thought Queen “We are the champions” ends with of the world " apparently not :astonished:

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Studio recording doesn’t but every live version ends with it

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Morning All,

We are about to move into our new home. We currently have platinum foxtel (all channels, foxtel NBN, home phone and netflix) which is about $210 a month (was $230 but got $20 off). Its a lot of money.

We tend to be a sport loving family, F1, AFL Rugba Leeg and really just browse channels or Netflix outside of this to watch whatever.

Was thinking maybe fetch ($20 a month), Kayo ($30) and netlfix ($23) plus a decent NBN package I’d be lucky to save $50 a month and obviously lose the convenience of a one stop bundled package.

What is everyone else doing that can save a few dollars? Cheers in advance.

I’m not sure if you are on an agreement with Foxtel, but if its lapsed (or about to expire) - simply call them telling you are going to cancel.

They’ll put you through to the retention team, stick by your guns that you are going to cancel.

They usually come back with a special 12 month deal at 50% of the RRP of your package.

Then in 12 months time, you gotta go back and do the same dance.


Ok, great advice thank you. Yes our contract has lapsed so we can do that. We did think of cancelling and just putting foxtel in my wife’s name as a new customer at new home/address to get a better deal for initial 12 months but we will no doubt wind up back to where we are now if we don’t threaten to cancel every 12 months!

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I think fetch is with Telstra, and they can bundle everything you’ve outlined (last time I looked). I used to love fetch, but now it’s not really an effective PVR, plus the remote was really laggy.

I’d shop around.

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and be prepared to be on the call for a while - you can even decline their first offer and ask them to come back with a better one. Remember to keep reminding them that if they don’t apply a significant discount that you will cancel

Was there once a “Fave Commercial” thread, or did I dream it? I wish to contribute, but cannot locate.

Presuming it is there for contributive locating…

I haven’t used my motorbike for a number of years so I let the registration lapse.
I have decided to start riding it again, and have started the process of getting it re-registered.
Unfortunately, the inside of my motorbike helmet hasn’t lasted the distance, its pretty bad.
TBH, it disgusting.
Have a look:

The outside will be OK with a spit and polish.
Is there anywhere in Melbourne that will replace helmet innards or do I need to buy a new one?

I was told that you need to replace your helmet every 5 years (ish). The compounds can deteriorate over time and make it unsafe.


Have you looked at motorbike helmet prices lately?

Unfortunately, you can buy really cheap ones that may not be approved for Australian Standards, though they may protect your head OK.

Of those that meet Australian Standards, there are some pretty good options at pretty cheap prices. Probably cheaper than anyone would be able to replace innards, even if that is allowed in a way that still meets standards.

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Years ago, and I mean years, Bell helmets used to have an ad that said “If you have a $10 dollar head, then wear a $10 helmet.” I have kinda followed that advice since. I retire helmets after they hit the deck and also after several years service. If the foam is disintegrating then they have past their use bry date.


What do I do with old helmets past their use by date then?
Bin them?