Dumb Questions Amnesty

Homeopathy involves mixing it with water

So you need to replace the lost fuel with water

(May not be good advice)


Buy a fuel cap, though.

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Is it good or bad that early next year our club will probably start posting those overhyped player profiles on its social media sites, specifically the one that used to be called twitter?

The club may think they are generating positive vibe for supporters, saying he has ‘had his best ever preseason’ or ‘a full preseason’ or ‘looking for a breakout year’ or ‘bulked up’ or ‘training the house down’ etc, but I tend to think it may just load too much pressure onto each of the profiled players, or alternatively the extra media attention simply distract them into believing its true. :grimacing:

I’m all for it. I’ve heard Mecuri’s had his best pre season in years and will be back to his best.


Starter set or essentials set?


Depends. Complete beginners or not? And ages of the players?

Complete Beginners.

Old :stuck_out_tongue:

Not a car person so can someone tell me if there’s really a need to use premium fuel in certain euro cars?


You’d go 95/98

I’m sure it’ll still run ok on 91, but wouldn’t recommend. I don’t think 91 will kill it, like diesel would.

As a mechanic I can say most definitely yes.
The vehicles are set up and tuned to run on the recommended octane rating.
A vehicle that specifies or recommends 95 can run on regular unleaded but you may get a slight decrease in power and small increase in fuel consumption
If however 98 octane is recommended then I would definitely use 98 only as you most definitely risk engine damage and then you have issues with warranty.

Essentials is more ‘teach you the basics and do nothing else’. Starter kit gives you a few more options, like customising your own character rather than using a pre written one, but that comes with a slight cost in complexity. The introductory adventure in Essentials is rated one of the classics, just be a bit careful with the very first fight because the goblin ambush can be unexpectedly lethal. Starter is better for smaller kids because there’s more non-lethal bits to it, which I why I asked about age.

Essentials is a bit hard to get hold of these days though, it’s been out of print for a while.


I was looking via JBHifi, so maybe the essentials pack has updated?

Aaah, yeah, that’s a newer edition of the Essentials pack, with a different adventure. Forgot about that one, sorry.

In that case - probably go for the Starter kit. The big selling point of the older Essentials kit was the quality of the adventure that came with it. This one’s perfectly ok, but just not as great.

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I had a crappy Ford Focus (worst car I’ve ever owned, and that includes a Camira) got terrible mileage but still wanted 95-octane.


In regards to solar panel revenue what does CNY mean.

Eg Today revenue(CNY) 4.8

Are you in China?
CNY is Chinese yuan renminbi, the currency of China

Love to give advice, as I’ve been playing for 40 years. Unfortunately still stuck on AD&D 1st ed. :slight_smile:

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Ok so the App must configure to CNY then no drama, thanks

Might be if the cells are made in China, you gotta be paid in CNY.